Math Facts To 100

  unnamed-1Math Facts To 100 by FuzzyBees is another winner in their suite of math apps for understanding mathematics for early learners or special needs students. This brilliant app provides a visual approach using the 100 grid to show students the fastest steps needed to solve equations. The hundred board framework basically gives students access to "seeing" the process that one would normally envision in their head. It doesn't automatically give you the answer, but rather requires one to think in numerical terms. Quantity, number recognition, number meaning, and the four operations are all incorporated into this visual tool to help students grasp and master the math concepts presented. Math Facts To 100 has straightforward settings making it easy to customize play to specific needs of individual students. It is a comprehensive educational tool, as it lets you easily scaffold learning goals into manageable objectives in order to suit your learner’s specific needs. This math app gives options for self-paced gameplay and is an engaging alternative to your usual skill and drill app. Mastering math facts is essential in building a solid math foundation and helps ensure success in math-related life skills.   One of the teachers we shared this app with was delighted by just how many different ways she could use this app to scaffold learning in her classroom of diverse fourth graders. She especially liked how easy it was to differentiate instruction with the simple-to-navigate settings and the thoughtful inclusion of teaching tips, as well as the option to load ready-made lists of basic math facts. MathFacts100TWA highly recommends this powerful visual teaching tool by FuzzyBees, the makers of  Build To 100 and Count To 100. The app developer hopes this app serves as a practical tool for teachers to differentiate for various needs within their caseload. We feel that this goal has been met and the app exceeded our expectations in helping children think in mathematical terms. We all know that the visual aspect is a major factor in how we learn and Math Facts To 100 makes sure that in this app the learner has ample opportunity to be exposed to all four operations. The flexible settings provide the adult to set the levels of math from beginner to advanced. The visual framework allows for customized sessions starting from basic number recognition and quantity all the way to speed and mastery using mental math skills. This kind of visualization aides in the understanding of how numbers work and can also be a powerful tool in building a strong foundation for more advanced mathematics concepts.

The idea of the visualization is to help the learner acquire an understanding of what the equation means in terms of quantity, number recognition, number meaning, and operations.

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