100 New York Educators to Follow on Twitter


#eduFollowChallenge - Day

Keith O'Neal noticed that August is a transition month for educators and observed an increase in Twitter usage or Tweets in general from the educational sector. He thought "How can I get more Educators connected on Twitter?" Here is the NY List of 100 New York Educators to Follow on Twitter! His inspiration came from the idea of getting more educators not just participating in Twitter but also CONNECTED. He writes, "When we are connected we are sharing ideas, resources, successes, & fails. All of these work together to make us stronger, make us better, and fuel us to pursue this thing we call learning." Wow, brilliant couldn't have said it better and it has been my mantra at TeachersWithApps that we all need to work together in order to push tech to make it better and get our kids ready for the future. I am honored that TWA made the list and although it is supposedly in no particular order, it brought a big smile to my face to see our name in the top twenty. Thanks, Keith, keep up the good work! If you are not following Keith you should be: @iTeachLipscomb
AAEAAQAAAAAAAAf8AAAAJDY1YmFiZmM5LWE1Y2QtNDAyZi1iNmVkLTgyNjg4MmYzODRmMANext up on the list is New York, of which I personally follow over 200, but here are a few New York Educators that I follow. If you already follow a lot of these, great, try searching #NYEDchat instead. You could also check out who is following @NYEdTech or any of the great follows below. A reminder that if you or a great New York educator you know is not on the list, don't be offended, we may just have not run in the same circle yet but would love to connect. I'll be following 100 new NY educators today so, don't "forget about it", add any suggestions (including yourself) in the comments. In no particular order... Read the NY FULL list here proxy  

Instructional Designer at Lipscomb University - follow @iTeachLipscomb

 If you want to read how the #eduFollowChallenge" idea got started to take a look at his original post "50 States in 50 days, the #eduFollowChallenge"

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