11 BRIGHT Blogs & Resources for Autism

  only480 Geek Club Books powered by JodiMurphy is focused on providing innovative and entertaining autism education. Geek Club Books tells the stories of autism through apps, curriculum, digital media, and webisodes to change perceptions and end stigmas surrounding autism. Jodi is a mom to an adult son on the autism spectrum, she has a talented team of autistic adults, including her son, who works on everything Geek Club Books creates. Jodi dreams of the world where those on the autism spectrum are valued and given every opportunity to share their gifts with the world. Autism Mommy-Therapist Kimberlee Rutan McCafferty is a former educator and current stay-at-home mom/therapist raising two boys with autism.  Her frank, insightful posts are approachable and relatable to all families raising someone (or two or three!) on the spectrum.  

Nina Jain, a mother of two (including Autism Artist Niam), reached a level of dissatisfaction with an education that prompted her to write her own curriculum for real-world learning for children with Autism. Able2Learn, her blog spans topics from eating healthy to depression and creates safe communities for autism mommies.  

Karen Wesley Weaver runs the  blog and details the ups, downs, and in-betweens of raising young-adult sons on the spectrum.  She is boldly honest, offering her candid, relatable experience to other families coping, working, succeeding, and sometimes feeling lost while navigating the journey of parenting older kids with Asperger’s/Autism. 

Austintisic - an ordinary man with an extraordinary son by blogger and author Scott LeRette offers a father’s perspective, detailing milestones with his son while tackling assumptions about Autism.  Overall Scott creates a very open-minded, approachable website for all those involved with, learning about, and/or writing about family members on the spectrum.

Theresa Cooper is a special education teacher as well as a mother of two, one of whom has autism.  Her beautifully laid out the blog, Embracing the Spectrum, is full of easy to read, insightful posts about teaching, parenting, and living with a developmental disability, drawing from her experiences both at home and in the classroom.  

Flappiness Is, by a veteran teacher, and parent of a daughter with ADHD and a son with Autism gives Leigh Merryday the ability to see the world from both sides of the table.  She discusses parenting a child on the spectrum that is limited verbally and offers a supportive outlet and essential tips for parents just beginning their own journey with Autism.  

The Captains Journey is an engaging blog written by The Captain’s Mama, who uses the loving metaphor to explain her family’s unknown voyage through the oceanic Autism spectrum guided by their son, the Captain. This mama's empathetic, relatable posts keep you smiling, laughing and crying as she pilots the journeys of her family and the unknown territories.

Autism After 16 focuses on what happens as teens begin the transition into an adult with Autism.  The site sorts through the realities of growing up, from life skills to employment, to housing and financial management.  It features first-hand accounts from adults living with Autism and provides an important toolbox for preparing families for when their children begin to enter adulthood. It's their mission to try to provide you with information and analysis on adult autism issues.

Disability Scoop is the country’s largest news organization dedicated to reporting on developmental disabilities, from autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and much more.  A great resource for the most up-to-date happenings in the developmentally disabled community.

Autism Speaks is an essential resource for activism and news in the Autism community.  The site is easily navigated from the latest research and findings to connecting you to necessary resources.  It is committed to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families through research, advocacy, and support.

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  1. Wondered if you’d be interested in taking a look at my autism website. I’m parent to an adult on the spectrum.My career has been spent as special ed teacher, counselor, psychologist and consultant in schools. I retired (for a lovely week!) then began working as autism consultant, plus I teach educational psychology classes at university. And, oh yeah, I’ve written 5 books about kids/youth with autism. http://www.drsharonmitchell.org.