Build education forms and quizzes with 123ContactForm

123ContactForm is a web-based form builder application which makes creating forms simple and fun for everyone.

-1Web forms are used in education in so many ways because not only they can streamline processes, but they can also enhance data administration and can be an easy alternative to boost class activity. Online quizzes, feedback forms, online donation and parent request forms - all are used in day-by-day activities by educators. With a form builder such as 123ContactForm, these are easy to make, customize and adapt to your own needs. Let’s find out a bit on how you can take advantage of 123ContactForm.

Who can use 123ContactForm in the educational field?

- K-12 teachers - University professors - Librarians - School principals - Last but not least: students.

How to use forms from 123ContactForm in your school?

The great thing about this tool is that it has an easy drag-and-drop form editor which allows you to go beyond the simple contact form and create or adapt any other kind of forms to use for more specific requirements. -3 In our quests in schools and universities, we’ve seen 123ContactForm used most often for the following scenarios:
  • Online quizzes - with images, videos, multiple choice fields. You can set the correct choice and have the answers submitted to your email directly with the percentage of right vs. wrong choices for each student.
  • Cornell notes, project storyboards, “getting to know you” forms - all these come to enhance class activity and indulge students the passion for technology
  • Feedback surveys for students, parents, and teachers to always know your ups and downs
  • Parent request forms, field trip approvals - you ease communication with parents and with a digital signature included in your form it is a secure alternative to transfer even sensitive data.
  • Donation forms, sponsorship requests - to gather resources for improvements in which concerns both teachers and school administrators.
123ContactForm has a great variety of education templates to facilitate your form creation process and offer you a general example on how such a form is used. Each form can be customized with colors, logos, and other branding elements if needed. -2 All forms can be published on your website, shared a link, embedded on your social accounts such as on Facebook pages and groups, or sent by email. Moreover, from all the features which 123ContactForm has to improve your experience in using forms, these are just a few you will definitely like:
  • payment integrations to gather donation directly;
  • reports to use in class and to always have an overview over quizzes, polls, feedback surveys and more;
  • digital signature to offer authenticity to your more official forms;
  • Database generation to keep track of your student and parents’ information.
Just think of all the time you will save by using such a tool that can streamline many of your tasks, improve communication and class activities.
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