13 Trends Shifting the Educational Landscape

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Shifting trends in education are always taking place and can be a complicated ongoing process. Embracing these changes and successfully implementing them is the real challenge.

Since I am rooted in special education I found this article well worth the read, the changing landscape of special education is described in this Scientific Learning article, 10 K-12 Digital Trends to Watch in Special Education 2015. These trends will continue to grow as more school district leaders look to provide digital learning options for students with disabilities. Technology will continue to assist differentiated instruction in special education classes. As more individual learning opportunities become available to students, teachers will be able to easily personalize learning through the implementation of technology. Virtual or video conferencing, the use of tablets, and web-based learning scenarios will extend how and where skills are taught. Special education teachers will have a greater need for exposure and training in these areas in order to be confident facilitators of personalized learning. READ the entire post. 

The following 10 points come from this lengthy article explaining trends that are in progress and expected to impact the special needs population, by Will J. Giordano.

  1. Redefining, Rethinking, Redesigning and Reinventing Special Education
  2. Providing Specially Designed Instruction Within a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Framework 
  3. Implementing Evidence-Based Practices, Interventions, and Standards-Based IEPs
  4. Technology
  5. Coding
  6. Autism 
  7. Addressing the Needs of English Language Learners Who Are Also SWDs
  8. The Growth in Charter Schools: Equity and Access for SWDs, Special-Education-Only Charter Schools, and Conversion Charters
  9. Private Schools and SWDs
  10. Crowdfunding
I found myself completely drawn to another article discussing shifts in education that I could completely relate to, the emphasis here is focused on familiar educational concepts that are in flux and have been shifting. The author here encourages all of us to keep our minds open to change and embrace it in order to grow. I have long been a fan of George Couros and his blog, The Principal of Change Stories of learning and leading. His recent post, 3 Important Shifts in Education, makes such sense and is based on the betterment of student learning. "Shifts" that is exactly the right term to describe how education is moving today, this is so well written that I feel obligated to share the exact words that so eloquently describe these shifts.

“We’re still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution.” Scott Cook

"The above quote resonates with me strongly, because we are currently living in a culture that not only seems to have endless answers but endless questions, both which are subject to change. I think of some of the things that we used to talk about in schools, now shifting to something else.  For example, I remember once working with my students talking about the importance of staying anonymous online, and now we have shifted to working with our students to develop a positive digital footprint where they actually can be found.  I often wonder “what’s next?” Our answers now may shift, and we need to be able to be adaptable to a constantly changing landscape."

In education, I have noticed some trends not necessarily changing, but shifting in thought. In learning, we have to be open to change and take what we know and think about how to move forward. The curriculum should not be written in ink anymore but on a google doc.  It seems to only make more sense as we continue to move forward in both school and education.

1.  “Digital Citizenship” to “Digital Empathy”

2.  “Student Voice” to “Student Leadership”

3. Growth Mindset to Innovator’s Minds

READ The entire post:  3 Important Shifts in Education

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