15 Ways To Pinterest to Enhance Your Classroom


15 Ways To Pinterest to Enhance Your Classroom 1. Reading boards No matter what age or grade you teach, every teacher has a reading list of some kind for their students. Design a reading board on Pinterest. You can pin all the books that your students must read for the year, and even pin up interesting articles and websites that students can choose from when writing up homework assignments. Or, if you’d rather, pin up all the books that you have read as a class. The board can be a running tab or collection for other teachers and your students’ parents to look through. 2. Multiple Pinners When you create a board, you can invite other people to pin. If you are a high school teacher, invite your students to pin their interesting reads right onto the board too. All you need is the email address of your student. 3. Classroom boards For parents, a classroom board is a great way to stay connected with the educational process. You can create a science board, social studies board, and even a homework board. Use them to highlight special pieces of work from top students. For example, if you’ve done a science fair project on photosynthesis, upload the project images to a photo-sharing site and pin them. Along with the projects, pin up the resource websites you used during the project. For homework help, pin resource websites that connect with the lessons you are teaching in the classroom. 4. Pin it widgets for blogs Every day it seems that there are new WordPress plugins for Pinterest. If you have a teacher blog, use some of the widgets to bring your latest pins onto your sidebar. It’ll encourage other teachers and classroom parents to check out your boards. 5. Current events board The Internet can be full of useful and useless information. If you are social studies teacher that likes to focus on current events, create a board where you pin the news stories that you’d like your students to read. This way, you can help filter out some of the less reliable news that they may stumble upon. 6. Tweeting pins When you find a pin you like, there is the option on the right-hand side to tweet the pin to your followers. You can also embed it into a blog post, email it to a friend, and of course – like it on Facebook too! 7. Lesson plan boards Pinterest boards can be fabulous planning tools. If you are designing your upcoming foreign language unit, create a board to pin all your ideas for the lesson plans. This way, when it’s time to write it up, you can go to your board and look through all the ideas and access the websites quickly. If you share your boards with other teachers, they can also contribute to the planning by pinning helpful websites they have found. Pinterest allows multiple people to pin to one board, which is great for teacher collaboration. 8. Inspiration Teaching the same subject over and over can become boring and dull when you have no motivation to spice up the curriculum. Start following other educators on Pinterest and find inspiration in their new ideas and fresh innovative projects. You’ll have more ideas than you know what to do with. 9. Quotes board Sometimes students (and teachers too!) need encouragement. Start a quotes board on Pinterest that centers on doing your best or valuing education. These quotes can provide a quick pick me up when morale is low. Following other people with quotes boards can give you a clever saying to write up on the chalkboard each morning. 10. Community boards Do you want to get your classroom involved in community service in some way? Create a board that gives your students quick access to local non-profits, local news, and other websites that help explain how to start a grassroots project or offers humanitarian aid to an impoverished area. 11. Arts boards For art teachers, you will have more ideas than you can possibly implement. Pin up color wheel charts, painting tips, and the latest sculpting techniques. Create a blog to showcase your student’s work and pin up the end results. Connect with local artists and pin some of their work for inspiration. You can arrange your boards according to medium, so for example, you can have a board about painting, a board about art history, a board about collages, drawing, and sculpting. You can even create an ideas board and have your students pin up projects they’ve seen online that they’d like to recreate in the classroom. 12. Research project boards Gathering materials for a project can be overwhelming. You could bypass this process by giving your students a board full of resources to choose from. Or, if you want to teach your students about how to research, allow them to create the research project board and then use it for classroom discussion to evaluate what sites were acceptable and what ones were not. 13. Using secret boards When you create a board, there is the option to make it secret. This is useful if any of your parents are concerned about Internet safety. No one will be able to find the pins in the categories area, search results, or on individual profiles. 14. Life skills or recipes boards Home economics has never been so fun. As a life skills teacher, any and every project or craft or skill you can think of is on Pinterest- somewhere. Use it to get inspiration for your class lesson, or create your own boards according to skill (i.e. sewing, cooking, parenting, etc.). 15. It’s important to follow good boards For as much inspiration on Pinterest, there is also a lot of fluff and spam to wade through. Don’t follow just anyone. If you like a particular teacher’s style, consider following one board first, before following all the boards.

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