20 Online Resources and Apps for Dyslexic Students


20 Online Resources and Apps for Dyslexic Students

Being diagnosed with dyslexia no longer means a child can’t excel academically. This is an issue that can be overcome with the correct tools and support. Fortunately, there are many online tools that can make coping with dyslexia in the classroom easier for both children and teachers. google-play-books

1.      Google Play Books

This app is completely free and works on android devices by highlighting excerpts that are read allowed. This allows a dyslexic student to keep up with the words they’re hearing.

2.      KNFB Reader

While this app is $99.99 it is the fastest converter of text to audio. You only need to take a photo of text and this app will read it aloud.

3.      Easy Word Count

This tells you how many words are in a document, so you student can set targets of how many words to get through, and see how long a text is and monitor how much they have left to read. This will help them digest reading a bit at a time and meet personal targets.

4.      Learning Ally

One of the biggest challenges that dyslexic students face is reading for pleasure. There’s a whole world of books out there, and dyslexic children shouldn’t miss out on them. Learning Ally is free with membership, and has a vast collection of audio books so dyslexic children can enjoy literature without the pressure of reading.

5.      Pocket

As students get older, they may be interested in the news, and as most people access their news online, this app can be a massive help. You can store online articles in this app, which will then read them aloud. edtech

6.     Australian Help

While reading is a challenge for dyslexic students, writing can be equally difficult. This website provides useful and easy to follow guides to help improve writing skills. claro-speak

7.     Claro Speak

Claro Speak works as a text-to-speech app, however it has additional features that make it especially useful. One of these is the ability to save the text as an audio file, which means it is easier to use while on the go. It can also change photos of text to audio, and the reading speed can also be adjusted, so your student can read while the audio is playing.

8.     Claro PDF

This is a great additional app to go with Claro speak, as very few text-to-speech apps work on pdf files. As PDFs are used more and more, this is a very useful app, especially as it highlights the text it’s reading, so your students can keep up with the words that are being sounded. library-1

9.     Cite It In

As writing a paper is taxing enough for a dyslexic student, they can avoid additional pressure and work by using this simple website for their footnotes and references. As this normally involves words, dates, and page numbers, it can save a lot of unnecessary hassle.

10.     Big Assignments

This website works as a more intensive spell checker by applying a contextual aspect to it’s checks. This means that students who use homonyms incorrectly are also picked up on. This is much more in-depth and can benefit dyslexic students immensely.

11.      Shakespeare in Bits

This is one app that’s especially useful in English classrooms. As Shakespeare is still frequently used in syllabuses across the country and uses language unfamiliar to modern students, it can be especially hard for dyslexic kids. This app contains audio files of several plays, as well as animations and translations of old language.

12.     UK Writings

When it comes to submitting an essay, it can be very stressful for dyslexic students. UK Writings can provide editing and proof reading services for students who want an expert to cast an eye over their spelling and grammar before they hand it in. BN-NX183_googke_P_20160505210121

13.     Google Keyboard

This app provides dictation and which helps dyslexic thoughts write their words quickly and easily. The word prediction feature also makes spelling much easier.

14.     Snap Type Pro

This app  provides the unique service of being able to overlay text boxes, which makes tackling worksheets or other forms much easier.

15.     Flash Cards Deluxe

Another awesome app is this: Flash Cards Deluxe. While reading and writing may seem like the biggest challenge for reading books in English class or writing long papers, writing is also essential to note taking. Dyslexic students shouldn’t be placed at a disadvantage when it comes to self-study, so this app that helps students take notes can really help bump up their grades.

16.     Mental Note

Mental Note is an awesome app for students taking notes. Not only is it efficient for typing, it can also take notes from dictation. It can store photos and voice notes too.

17.     Academized

Academized is home to a whole host of resources that can help with tutoring. From online courses, there’s also an e-library and videos.

18.     Read&Write Keyboard

At only $19.99, this is an amazing investment as this app is one of the most comprehensive support systems for dyslexic students. It provides everything from spell checkers to text to speech features, to regular and picture dictionaries. With synchronised highlighting, this makes both reading and writing easier. 101115_OB_PF_band_FL_#PHO-10-1053_focus_ 001

19.     Inspiration Maps

This is a graphic organiser that combines a multi-sensory approach and visual diagrams to make writing easier.

20.     Adobe Voice

As power points are a huge part of class presentations now, this dyslexia friendly version can ease the tension for dyslexic students. While it’s not easy for students who are dealing with dyslexia, these tools can make their life better and help them feel less isolated and different from their classmates. About Author AIbEiAIAAABDCPL87cHT19KIYSILdmNhcmRfcGhvdG8qKGFmOWVkYmExNDBmYWY2NDRlZGY0MmU1OTc5ZTQ2NjZjOGQ5Y2MwMGYwASYlfDYg_-toztC5KLpby2l3jq0kSharon Conwell has been a content manager and ghost writer at over 20 online projects, now she is a part-time educator and freelance writer. She’s specializing in content creation and optimization. She loves coffee, tulips and her Shih Tzu named Bobby. You can find her at LinkedIn
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