2018 ~ List of GREAT Apps for Everyday Learning

Lauren Enders Everyday Apps The following transcripts and quotes are from the E.A.T. chat hosted by Lauren Schwartz Enders 08/30/18. The quotes are from Lauren Scwartz Enders unless stated otherwise.
download-9The Facebook group Educational App Talk has a weekly event called EduAppTalk or E.A.T. every Thursday year-round. On 8/30/2018 the chat was hosted by Lauren Schwartz Enders, MA, CCC-SLP who is an expert in the field of Speech-Language Pathology,  she is an Augmentative Communication and Assistive Technology Consultant. Here is the 2018 ~ List of GREAT Apps for Everyday Learning! The initial chat topic was to discuss among speech-language pathologists, teachers, parents, educators their favorite apps & how they use these applications. The discussion was prolific and animated, and it ranged to a wide variety of educational tools/applications/resources. Jayne Clare felt that the discussion covered so many important areas that this special chat listing an array of valuable tools and the discussion around them would be beneficial for anyone involved in the digital space, especially those that work with children with speech and language needs or are teachers or parents actively using technology in their classrooms or homes. Mentioned in this post are all the apps/tools/books that the participants talked about. If there are omissions please write your comments below and they will be added to the post. (There are 23 companies whose 40+ products were discussed during the chat. The list of all of the mentioned companies is located at the end of this post.) Below is the main focus from the chat transcript classified by topic:  
  1. Toca Hair Salon Me by Toca Boca AB

 “This is from the excellent app developer Toca Boca and is not a therapy app. What I like about it is that it often draws lots of engagement because it allows kids to change their hairdos after importing their own photo into the app. It's fabulous for giving and following directions and encouraging commenting and questioning.
Some of the most attractive features of Toca’s apps:
  • the interfaces are intuitive and easy for kids to learn and use,
  • they have engaging sound effects and
  • they often open-ended play as opposed to being a game with one solution.”
Apps by Toca Boca are loved by many participants. Participants mentioned: Toca Store, Toca Nature, Toca Band, Toca Doctor, Toca Dance, Toca Life, Toca Kitchen, Toca Kitchen Monsters and Toca Tea Party  
  1. Photo filter apps MSQRD & MRRMRR.

 “They are VERY motivating for so many of the kids I support. They are basically the same types of filters that are in the SnapChat social media app, without the social media component.”
  1. Apps that can be effective for students with complex needs:

3.1 Pictello (story creation app) & Proloquo2Go (AAC app) by AssistiveWare:
“which are wonderful for those who need alternative access methods”
*Both Pictello and Proloquo2Go offer alternative access methods including switch access built into the app. 3.2 Sago Mini World by Sago Mini
“Especially helpful for kids with limited mobility”
  1. As an answer on Lauren’s question: “Has anyone used AR apps with kids to work on language?” The following apps/tools were mentioned:

4.1 TH!NGS for MERGE Cube by Merge Apps 4.2 Alive Octagon Studio 4D Cards 4.3 AR Talking Cards  by Nabeel Ahmed Khan  4.4 Quiver - 3D Coloring App by QuiverVision Limited 4.5 Sticker Picture Articulation Speech Therapy Photo Fun by Erik X. Raj, LLC apps 
  1. Other applications that support Creativity, imagination, interactions, storytelling, learning to read & write & beautiful graphics:

5.a My Very Hungry Caterpillar by Story Toys Entertainment Limited 5.b Dr. Panda Limited 5.c My PlayHome School by PlayHome Software Ltd 
“One unique way to use apps like the Toca and MyPlayHome apps with small groups is two have two iPads, each with a copy of the same app. Then, use the apps as barrier games. One student gets to choose a certain number of people or objects and place them in a scene. Then the child who's the listener must place the same people/items in the same locations (with a barrier between them so they can't peek). Finally, they get to compare and talk about what went wrong and how they could describe it better.”
5.d Story Dice apps by Thinkamingo 5.e My Town Games LTD 5.f Word Wizard for kids by L’Escapadou
“Word Wizard for word work makes it “so much easier for kids to be able to make words and hear the sounds”.
5.g Book Creator  by Red Jumper Limited
“Create, read & publish”
5.h Reading Train - My First Books by Learning Station, LLC. Early Literacy app 5.i   Listening Master by MasterKey Games- Language Learning Games 5.j Between the Lines Level 1 HD - Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development 5.k Clue Catcher Strategies for Using Context Clues by Golden Mean Advisory Resources LLC  - The purpose is to teach students how to improve their skills by using context to determine unfamiliar word meanings 5.l   Roxie Munro Author/Artist books by OCG studios
“a top nonfiction Expository Literature and great for teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)”.
5,k The Flitlits by Flitwits Ltd -
“a wondrous land that you are invited to discover, enjoy and explore.”
5.l   YumYum Letters: Learn & Trace - Handwriting for kids, ABC games by Kindermatica Ltd A few of these applications/books/tools discussed were presented in the EdAppTalk chat over the past 2 years. These include:
  1. Book Creator presented by Jon Smith 4/26/18
  2.  Clue Catcher Strategies for Using Context Clues by Teri Cassano Blumental 6/14/18
  3. Roxie Munro Studio presented by Roxie Munro 10/12/17 & 2/23/17
  1. Link to the chat: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EdAppTalk/permalink/2255963347778534/
  2. Link to the chat on the twitter: https://twitter.com/TeachersApps/status/1035155954382368769
  Applications/Tools/Companies: TWA has also linked reviews to guide you on a deep dyve into the apps, companies and categories.
  1. Toca Boca
  2. Masquerade Technologies, Inc’s app MSQRD
  3. I love IceCream Ltd’s app MRRMRR
  4. AssistiveWare (Pictello & Proloquo2Go)
  5. Merge Apps
  6. Studio 4D Cards
  7. AR Talking Cards
  8. QuiverVision Limited
  9. Erik X Raj 
  10. Story Toys Entertainment
  11. Dr. Panda Limited
  12. PlayHome Software Ltd
  13. Sago Mini
  14.  Thinkamingo
  15. My Town Games Lt
  16.  L’Escapadou
  17. Red Jumper Limited
  18. Learning Station, LLC
  19. MasterKey Games
  20. Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development
  21. Golden Mean Advisory Resources LLC
  22. OCG Studios
  23. Flitwits Ltd.
  24. Kindermatica Ltd
Teachers With Apps would like to thank Lauren Schwarz Enders for sharing her expertise with the E.A.T. Community and this text has been published with permission from Lauren.    
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  1. My appreciation for the publication of this highly esteemed list by Teachers With Apps and to Tatyana Belyavskaya for the write-up. It’s a privilege to find The Flitlits’ series of apps among such respected nominations.