25 Techy Tips Every Teacher Should Know About

25 TECHY TIPS EVERY TEACHER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT Guest Blog by Med Kharbach  founder and author of Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, this post is for  21st century education. Technology is a key player in the teaching and learning equation. It has become an eventuality that every teacher should live with. We no longer have the choice whether to use it or nor because our students love it and probably use it much more than we do. Technology has even changed that old and traditional notion of the teacher as the main source of knowledge and turned him/her into a simple facilitator, most: organizer, and collaborator. Learning has become more and more interactive with an increased dose of engagement, no wonder we are teaching with the thing students love most: technology. But for this technology to be effective in our instruction teachers need to clearly define the  when, how, and why(s) of using it. In this post we are sharing with you two awesome slideshows about tips every teacher should consider before and while using technology in their classrooms that Sherry Terrell shared. Check them out.    
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  1. Students connect with technology in a way that it has made learning a lot easier for them. Students now are more motivated in learning, and this simple fact offer better classroom engagement – teachers and students interact more and acquire more.