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3 Day Sale Avokiddo Emotions - from July 25 to 27
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Avokiddo Emotions - Playful Learning for Kids, by Avokiddo, is a brilliant new app using imaginative play to smoothly guide children to understand the cause and effect relationships between actions and reactions. Avokiddo Emotions provides over-the-top fun and is an extraordinary educational tool to help kids develop their social and emotional awareness. This app never ceases to amuse and delight youngsters (and adults) while delivering FUN, FUN, FUN in an open-ended play style. This app incorporates prime activities to help children understand the cause and effect of the subtleties of facial expressions. The app’s premise is to expose young children to freely explore a wide range of feelings and understand the emotional connection with the feelings. These expressions are generated while the child interacts with three the incredibly responsive and delightful animated animal characters: giraffe, zebra, and sheep. Read Teachers With Apps recent review.

emotions-iconMain features:

• 3 playful and highly expressive animals

• A variety of objects including accessories, food, musical instruments, toys, etc.

• Dozens of different actions, reactions, and rich realistic emotions

• Bonus objects trigger themed animated sequences

• Take snapshots and create your own collection of emotions

• Ideal for ages 2-8

Watch Video: Avokiddo Emotions – Playful Learning for Kids

Give your children a serious case of the giggles when you introduce them to a zany zebra, shy sheep, and jolly giraffe. Your children will discover these emotions and more by dressing up, feeding, sharing toys and interacting with their new-found digital friends using over 100 uniquely themed props in this endless play funhouse. Avokiddo Emotions lets kids of all ages explore feelings in an open-ended freestyle playroom. There are no rules or pre-set expectations other than to have fun while learning fundamental social skills. Whether their intent is to make an animal laugh or cry, kids are in control every step of the way. Even the very youngest fans who aren’t yet able to quite grasp emotions other than “I’m hungry” will delight in the boisterous atmosphere and soon, through trial and error, be able to trigger specific reactions.




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