3 Math Practice Apps

calcugators App: Calcugators by Little 10 Robot Type: Addition practice app Age: 6 to 8 years     Examples of alligators are often used in math class to teach the concepts of greater than and less than. This app takes that concept further and uses alligators to make kids excited about practicing addition! Practicing can get boring and tedious but is crucial to improving math skills. Calcugators is an app that not only focuses on procedurally generating the exercises but also making sure that the kids are engaged while doing so, and that is where the gators come in! It is like putting numbers in the gator’s mouth and if the answer is right, the gator eats those number. Cool, right? Even though addition is the main focus, it takes a step further and also introduces kids to simple algebra. All the exercises reminded me of "x+9 = 16" and "x + y = 34". For example, in "x+9=16", kids have to first find x which is 7, and then find the 2 numbers that add up to 7, which would be 6 and 1. These kinds of examples get tougher as they kids go through each of the 4 sections in the app, with each section encouraging kids to continue challenging themselves. Fiete Math App: Fiete Math by Little 10 Robot Type: Counting practice app Age: 6 to 8 years     This is an adorable app about stacking boxes on top of each other to count and perform addition and subtraction exercises. I absolutely love the artwork in this app. It is simple yet creative. Kids have to stack boxes in any way they like and place them on a boat, which then leaves with those boxes. The boxes represent manipulatives that help the kids with counting. To add to the excitement of solving math problems, kids win cute little animals that they could stack just like any other box in the app. I myself was interested to keep playing to see which animals I would win! This is a great practice app for kids to learn counting and collect little animals along the way. quick math App: Quick Math Jr. by Shiny Things Type: Counting practice app Age: 3 to 7 years     This is a counting practice app which uses different daily scenarios and incorporates counting in them. I think one of the best ways to learn counting is by using everyday things as they teach counting through manipulatives. This app takes that idea and puts it into play. Kids can count how many people are in a bus or train, or count the number of crocodiles in a lake or build a tower with a specific number of blocks. They could also incorporate counting by balancing boxes on a boat. These are some of the many situations in the app that teaches kids how to count. Including the first island that kids get access to, there are interesting islands like Science Island, Medieval Island, and Just Spooky Island. The exciting aspect is that all the exercises in each island are relevant to that specific island. One of the best features of the app is that kids can make their own avatars. That is one thing kids are crazy about, and I am sure they’ll love making their own avatar in this app and on top of that, change how they look at any point. So every time they want to take a break from practicing, they could update the look of their avatar!    
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