3 More Classroom Management Apps for Teachers


3 Classroom Management Apps for Teachers

The modern, digital world has totally changed everything – especially for teachers. In the past, teachers often had to rely on outdated technology such paper mail, phone calls, physical report cards and logbooks, and much more – just to do their jobs. But today, the digital revolution has expanded. Modern classroom management and communication apps have made it easier than ever for teachers to save time and money, and become more effective educators! Interested in learning about the more of the best classroom management apps for teachers? Read on – we’ll discuss the top 3 apps that every teacher should be aware of!
  1. ClassDojo
download-7If you’ve been looking for an all-in-one tool to manage students and parents, ClassDojo is a fantastic choice. This family-friendly app allows you to create a better learning environment for children, with specialized “microsites” for each of your classes. Children and parents can visit these sites, where they can show off projects, photos, and more! This helps keep parents more connected with their child’s education, and aids in effective education. Teachers have plenty of great features to choose from, too – digitally-based reward features that can help encourage participation, powerful grading tools, and built-in apps that can track each individual child’s class participation. Finally, ClassDojo allows parents to communicate directly with teachers through the app – no need to share personal phone numbers! All of these features combine to make ClassDojo one of the best classroom management apps available today!
  1. DialMyCalls
google classroomWhile DialMyCalls isn’t a comprehensive classroom management solution, it’s an extremely powerful way to stay in contact with parents, and encourage active participation in the school community. Using the DialMyCalls school notification application, teachers can quickly and easily send critical information through customized voice messages, SMS notifications, and even emails! This could include:
  • Report card reminders
  • Homework notices and reminders
  • Parent/teacher call reminders
  • Absentee notifications
  • Severe weather information
  • Event/field trip reminders
And much more!Because the DiaMyCalls school notification system can be used to send information to either a single individual or a large group (such as your 1st-grade class), it’s easy to keep both parents and student informed and engaged – which can lead to better student outcomes!And with a low cost for each message, DialMyCalls is a very affordable school notification system – perfect for classrooms on a budget!
  1.  Google Classroom 
google classroomLately, Google has expanded their “Google for Education” suite to include much more than just basic email functionality and Google Drive options. Google Classroom is an extremely powerful tool for teachers – especially if your school is already using Google Apps! This is because Google Classroom can link up with all existing Google tools that you use – including Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive, as well as Gmail and Google Calendar. Google Classroom itself is a fully-functional classroom management app. This easy-to-use application allows teachers to manage multiple classrooms quickly and easily, tracking vital information like performance, engagement, attendance, and grades. Google Classroom also utilizes built-in messaging functionality to allow teachers and students to communicate directly. This allows teachers to answer questions about class assignments, homework, upcoming tests, field trips, and much more! Best of all? It’s totally free – so you can check it out with no strings attached! Use Technology To Empower Your Students – Check Out These Apps Today! If you’re not making use of modern technology in your classroom, you’re missing out. So don’t wait! Take a look at these advanced apps, and see how you can change your classroom by using the power of 21st-century technology while educating your students!  
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