4 Reasons Audiobooks Are Better Than eBooks for Your Commute

audiobooks (1)4 Reasons Audiobooks Are Better Than eBooks for Your Commute When you’re on your way to work, there are a lot of different options to pass the time. You might prefer listening to music, reading a book in hard copy, or simply staring off into space. However, audiobooks present a very unique experience they not only allow you to simply listen but also, you are in complete privacy. Given today’s modern apps and content that’s delivered on diverse platforms, there’s never been a better time than now to choose to go vocal. 1. Listen to Whatever You Want Sometimes, reading what you really want on your commute isn’t feasible. Whether you’re dealing with a book like Fifty Shades of Grey which boasts some extremely racy passages or you’re just having a personal experience with a book of poetry, there are lots of reasons why you may not want to share what words you’re consuming with your neighbors. This is especially true if you’re using public transportation. Android Police laments the lack of variety when it comes to Android users who want to buy audiobooks, and praises the newest Nook Audiobooks app since it's not subscription based and offers a diverse selection. When you’re browsing the digital shelves of the latest books out there, there are some of the best audiobook apps including NOOK that simplify the process further with their user-friendly interface. While discovering the seemingly endless spectrum of eBooks is exciting for any reader, you also need to consider the importance of using the best audiobook app available. 2. You’ve Got Time Commutes vary for everyone. Some people drive to destinations that are hours away, some use public transportation that can range from interstate to interborough travel if you’re in New York City, and some even take airplanes. Regardless of where you’re headed, though, if you’ve got a little time between you and your arrival at work, you’ll want something to do. Audiobooks present one of the best options to pass the time. In her list of the 20 best audiobooks ever recorded, Carole Mansur of The Telegraph lists out some of the most famous novels of our time. It's not the titles that are the valuable lesson to take away, but rather the lengths of each one. The longest single story on her list clocks in at 20 hours and 13 minutes is Alone in Berlin, narrated by John Telfer, and provides the perfect example of why a long narration is perfect for commuting. Unless your commute takes 20 hours, you can rest assured that this will last you far longer than reading the same book. 3. Voices Can Be Soothing Listening to other people speaking can be surprisingly soothing. While on your way to work, one of the best tactics for starting your day right is to get into a peaceful state of mind. Listening to someone else tell a story, whether a celebrity or an unknown actor, can be extremely therapeutic. Not only do you not have to read what’s going on, but you can also simply go with the flow and listen to the natural rhythms of the narrative. Although some people may prefer reading the text, one of the differences between reading and listening is that you may rush through a novel. Listening introduces a new brand of patience and pace, which can set the tone for your day in a surprisingly successful manner. 4. You’ll Never Run Out of Options Whether you’re looking for romance or science fiction, audiobooks have it all. Just like when you start browsing new release for eBooks, audiobooks also have a multitude of choices. Using the right app is also important, and there is a lot on the market. Nook is a great one, especially if you’re already buying from their store. GoodEreader.com describes Nook app as well designed and highlights its offering of over 50,000 audiobooks. That’s a lot of content to digest, and undoubtedly will offer something in which you’re interested. Trying to keep track of that many titles can be overwhelming, but by reading reviews you can figure out what you’ll enjoy hearing. Audiobooks allow you to relax on your commute into work. Whether you’re interested in immersing yourself in an epic fantasy novel or you just want to experience classic literature for a second time, allowing narrators to relay this to you in voice is an incomparable experience. One of the most important parts of getting started in the morning is setting a mindset for the day, and one of the most important aspects of having an enjoyable social life after work is being able to wind down. Audiobooks make all of this possible, especially since they’re focused on allowing the listener to go at their own pace in terms of when you listen and absorb what’s being said. Not every novel is a good candidate to become an audiobook, but for the classics that are and the new release you’ll inevitably discover, there’s no better place to find these audiobooks than the digital marketplace.
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