46 percent told researchers that the federal government should have no role in education

Kch7r6Pt_400x400According to a recent survey Americans appear to support the basic concepts behind the Common Core, but - many who supported it do not understand just what the Common Core State Standards are! Personally, that makes the survey question a mute point and it should be negated from this research. Jimmy Kimmel is notorious for surveying random people on Hollywood Blvd about bogus events, made up politics, and other assorted untruths. It's downright embarrassing at just how uneducated our population is when it comes to law and politics. Other key findings of this survey...
  • 71 percent said expectations are too low in American schools
  • Half of the respondents said there is too much testing in school
  • 46 percent told researchers that the federal government should have no role in education
Now, these above statistics are what I would like to believe, but with such a small sampling being part of this survey I have to wonder about our research practices, as well as what and where things get published. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that our government should be involved in education? FYI:  Leadership Conference Education Fund In a national survey of nearly 1,400 American adults, 97 percent of respondents said students should be able to think critically and apply skills to the real world and 85 percent said the United States should have consistent education standards to raise expectations of students. But 24 percent of those surveyed said they had never heard of the Common Core and less than half, 44 percent, reported knowing some or a lot about the standards.  
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