5 Apps for Autism & Communication

IMG_0710 Many families have been turning to tech to help their kids with autism learn to thrive both educationally and socially. Children with autism typically have difficulty communicating and interacting with others. Below are 6 basic skills which autistic children learn by playing games and puzzles on an iPad:
  1. Communication Skills
  2. Fine motor Skills
  3. Language Skills
  4. Sensory Skills
  5. Stress Reduction
  6. Social Skills
Here are 5 popular apps, which have been developed specifically for parents and educators of children with autism to help with communication skills: imgres-2Proloquo2Go Highly recommended for kids and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia, ALS, stroke or traumatic brain injury, this app has the reputation of being an absolute angel!  It provides an easy solution, in a very cool package, to assist anyone who may have difficulty speaking. This communication system redefines AAC, (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) which is defined as “An integrated group of components, including the symbols, aids, strategies, and techniques used by individuals to enhance communication.”As this definition states, communication encompasses more than just spoken words. It includes gestures, eye gaze, touch, body postures/movements, sign language, photographs, printed words, objects, pictoideographs, and Braille. Read full review here   imgres-3iiPrompts Pro, A fine example of an app that will help you reduce a significant amount of time creating choice boards, social stories, and schedules for your students with communication needs. This app offers the following menu: Picture Library, Schedules, Countdown, Choices, Stories, Academy, Video Prompts, VoiceMatch, and VoiceChart. The picture library contains 35 folders with hundreds of images, plus you can load more pictures from your photo library or quickly add photos using Google, Bing, or Flickr. These images can be used to create schedules, countdowns, choices, and stories.One of my favorite features is the choices link. Here you can load up to six picture images on one screen to easily create choice boards and save yourself paper, laminating sheets, Velcro, and time! I created play choices using images from Google. When you tap an image it not only highlights the picture but also triggers your voice recording. Read full review here   Cimgres-5ustom Boards – Premium Incredible, comprehensive, amazing, dynamic – these are just some of the descriptive words that came to mind the first time I opened this app by Smarty Ears!  I can’t believe that I have gone this long without checking it out!  Don’t make the same mistake I made, take a look for yourself at what you can do with this treasure.  This has quickly become my top, must have application. Whether you work in a school setting or clinic, see clients individually or in classroom settings, you will want to get this app.Basically, Custom Boards allows you to create whatever you need for classroom and individual work sessions for clients of all ages using any of the 11,000 “Smarty Ears” symbols, your own library photos, or Google search images!  You can edit the text font, image size, and change the background colors for images to help them stand out more. Read full review here   imgres-6See.Touch.Learn. Pro, Is an indispensable, 21st-century learning tool that is revolutionizing instruction for children around the world. This app has been made with the autistic child in mind and is a must have for anyone dealing with this population. See.Touch.Learn. Pro is a quick, convenient, and an inexpensive way to replace outdated flashcards that cause clutter and waste major management time. The beauty of this app is that any therapist, teacher or parent, can customize an individual picture card learning system to meet the specific individual needs of multiple children. See.Touch.Learn. Pro will automatically track performance and makes it possible to carry your entire card collection with you at all times. The company introduced the Brain Parade Community so users around the world can share content they create with each other, potentially saving teachers hundreds of hours of time creating their own lessons. Read full review here   imgres-7AVAZ is an affordable AAC app with thousands of words and picture symbols, which is available for IOS and Android. AVAZ has many features and is easy to ‘program’.  I found adding categories and items to be quick and painless!  Removing (deleting) them is just as fast…..and let's face it, an AAC app that can be programmed quickly is one that you want to have!  In fact, in just a matter of minutes, I added a category for ‘apps’ along with the student’s favorites. AVAZ is ready to use right from the get go and will allow the user to immediately have a voice.  This AAC app is flexible and functional for those that need assistance with their communication.  This is a must have app for facilitating communication for people of all ages and levels of cognition. Read full review here  
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  1. […] Many families have been turning to tech to help their kids with autism learn to thrive both educationally and socially. Children with autism typically have difficulty communicating and interacting with others.  […]