5 Hobbies You Should Try Out in 2019

Picture15 Hobbies You Should Try Out in 2019

As 2018 comes swiftly to an end you may wonder what exactly 2019 holds in store. Here are 5 hobbies you should try out in 2019. Perhaps you’re going back to the drawing board, or you’re already thinking of new entries for your New Year’s resolutions list. In any case, one of the most exciting facets of entering a new year is welcoming new opportunity— embracing change and utilizing the new era to revamp and improve your life. Most of us would agree that we just didn’t have time to enjoy everything we wanted to over the past 12 months. In which case, what better way to make the most of 2019 than picking up some new hobbies you’ve been meaning to try? (And, of course, making time for them.)

Start a Blog

Have you ever wanted a platform that would provide you the freedom to express your opinions, thoughts, or passions? Blogging is a fantastic hobby to consider, being that a blog can help you focus on a certain idea, lifestyle, or part of your life that you’ve wanted to share with others. At a minimum, it’s simply a place that will help foster your creativity, a place you can call your own, and in the best case scenario, your blog gains enough traffic to become profitable. After all, blogging is an artform.

Make Your Hobby a Side Hustle

Surviving in today’s economy often comes down to the side hustle. With so many opportunities birthed by the gigantic space in the digital world, millennials know all-too-well that having a side gig which produces supplemental income is a game-changer. Often, these side hustles are what evolve into actual platforms and companies and careers but, for the most part, began as nothing more than a hobby. Do you like to make jewelry yourself? Do you have a DIY clothing line? A hobby which produces a good or service? Think about working remotely and considering your hobby—if it’s viable—as a part-time job.

Build a Computer

While this may seem like an odd choice, building a computer is a fantastic way to understand the design of a hardware that’s essential to our everyday lives. While you may think, ‘How would I ever learn how to build a gaming computer?’ or a just computer in general, that thought is answered by a cursory glance at a Google search. The point: there are hundreds of resources out there which make the DIY project of building a computer easy, fun, and rewarding. Today, with the wealth of knowledge available on the subject, it has never been easier to build your own computer.

Learn a Language

This is one of the most rewarding hobbies that comes rarely recommended—perhaps because most do not regard it as a hobby at all. Learning a language takes work and is often written off by us adults because, well, it’s ‘too late.’ That’s not the truth. The truth is that all hobbies, to one extent or another, require a degree of work. If you can regard learning a language in the same fashion, then not only will the experience provide tons of entertainment, but it will result in the rewarding ability to speak in a different tongue. Have you ever wanted to learn French? Portuguese? German? Find a culture you love and try to learn their language. You won’t be disappointed. Additionally, in today’s world there exists a host of mobile apps that can help with language learning. It’s easier to do today than ever before.


Unfortunately, learning to dance isn’t a requirement posed by modern society. The days of ballroom and uniform dancing have been replaced by a new wave of dance, which, well, isn’t true to the artform. But those days can be revived! Learning how to dance is one of the most exciting, cathartic, and down-right intoxicating hobbies to adopt. If you’re someone that doesn’t have dancing confidence, if you’re curious about the art of movement, or if you’ve just always wanted to learn, you should consider taking some dance classes.

Change: Embrace It

While these hobbies may or may not be of interest to you, we encourage you to think outside the box and act on your curiosities. Learn to cook, take up a new sport, try to write a novel, and do whatever you can to embrace change and move towards a happier, healthier, and better future.  
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