ROXs gets kids away from screens!

ROXs is the world’s first real life gaming console. ROXs gets kids away from screens and makes them RUN and JUMP and PLAY in REAL LIFE. Picture playing Super Mario in the backyard.  We will launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on June 13th (if you don't know Indiegogo or Crowdfunding please check below*) and have planned for some email and social media outreach. All the general information about ROXs you can find on our new The success of the campaign will heavily depend on our ability to reach a maximum amount of people. Since you are a well connected social butterfly I was wondering if you can help a bit to spread the word about our campaign. No need for any hard selling or cold calling. Just sharing the info about our upcoming campaign once in a while with the people you know so that they can decide if they like to support us or not. If you are up for it, great and thanks a lot already. I really appreciate your support. The goal of this POST  is to get as many people as possible to sign up to our newsletter to get all the necessary info about our campaign. Everybody who signs up will get a free A-Champs T-shirt with any ROXs BOX purchase during the campaign. All right, let's go and please help us in 3 steps: 1) Sign up for news at 2) Make 3 clicks and spread the word:
3) Forward this email to anybody who might be interested. Thanks a lot to help us on our mission to #GetKidsMoving. I appreciate your help and will pay back with making the world a fitter place. Cheers and best regards, KilianCo-Founder | Mobile: +1 (424) 234-1167 | email:
* What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a venture by raising money from a large number of people via a Crowdfunding platform. It is a form of alternative finance to help start-ups like ROXs get off the ground. The project initiator (KILIAN) introduces a product to be funded. Individuals or groups (YOU and YOUR FRIENDS) who like the project can contribute money to the project via the crowdfunding platform (INDIEGOGO). In return for your contributions, you will receive rewards in the form of the product and others. Practically it works like this:
  • June 13th you will receive a link to our Indiegogo project page (if you are signed up..)
  • Check out the campaign and if you like to contribute chose one of the rewards (“Perks”)
  • Click on the perk you want to have and follow the instructions
  • Choose payment method (credit card or pay pal)
  • At the time of the promised delivery date, you will receive your perk
  • Your contribution will help ROXs to get off the ground and will help to make the world a fitter place. Thank you.
More info you can also find on:
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