Bluebee Pals Speak at ASHA Conference

img_4076Attending the 2016 ASHA Convention at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA., last week was Laura Jienke of the super popular Bluebee Pals. This revolutionary Bluetooth enabled plush learning tool has incredible benefits for children and not only interacts but sings, reads and even answers phone calls. They can stream any song, story app (in any language), educational software and activities, to capture and retain your child’s attention all while promoting playful learning! Jo Booth from TWA helped out and showcased some of the Lipa Learning apps.

The Bluebee Pals have been getting major attention and rave reviews from both educators and parents!

“The research is clear. Listening comprehension is a vital skill for future reading comprehension and literacy … and Bluebee Pals promote listening skills in a fun and engaging way. Whether listening to stories, songs, or their own recorded voices, my students love LISTENING with their Bluebee Pals.” – LYNN RUBIN, M.A. Learning Therapist I am writing you to thank you for the wonderful resources on Autism on Edutopia. My daughter Autumn and I began to do some research together to learn a little bit about what her brother Austin may be going through. Austin is turning 4 and is not putting sentences together and the doctors told us that as a family we should do some research about Autism and the spectrum. Your page was a great source of information as well as support for our family to understand Autism better and for that we thank you! LISSY & AUTUMN M. - Stay at Home Mom, daughter bluebee-pals-logo

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