7 SUPER Apps for Halloween Fun!


7  SUPER Apps for Halloween Fun! Halloween is the time to play with alternate identities and embrace your inner paranormal skills and abilities…are you a Witch? A Zombie? Or that Scarecrow from down the Lane? You could also be a puppy, a princess, or a knight in shining armor. All these personas are out there and available to try on and experiment. To spice up Halloween play time, here are a few of some smashing new and old apps to keep your students in a holiday mood. What are your favorite Halloween apps? We’d love to hear what you think! 1. RIO 2 Sky Soccer Halloween!  by Cupcake Digital

1stcFor a bit of fun, and learning basic play of physics games, Cupcake Digital will not only take you through Halloween but all year round with the accompanied games (over 40 levels in the two games in the basic version plus another 20 in the spooky soccer games). The app contains an e-book that is set around a portion of the movie set around a soccer game. It has all the bells and whistles of highlighted text, expertly read narration, and adding in games to reinforce the storyline. This is a true value for the money ensuring tons of replay!


2. Labo Halloween Car - Design & Race Your Own Halloween Cars by Labo Lado Inc.

2ndcFollowing Labo Lado Car Designer comes a tremendously fun Halloween version of their marvelous design and drawing game. Once you’ve drawn it with their incredible guides and coloring possibilities, make and then take Monster cars, Ghost cars, or a Bat car out for a spin. There are all sorts of spooky run ins…so beware! I love all the prewriting and design possibilities inherent with Labo apps. They know fun. And we know as educators, what is fun helps you learn!  Labo Lado also has an app for drawing lessons this Halloween.


3. Peekaboo Trick or Treat with Ed Emberley by Night & Day Studios, Inc.

3rdcFor Toddlers comes peekaboo Trick or Treat by Night and Day Studio. I love using this for early learners and kids just starting to understand cause and effect activities. The graphics are silly fun and not scary, but still, hold all the spirit of the holiday. It is a wonderful treat for low vision kids or kids needing to learn how to weight shift for stabilizing postural control. The secret is in the placement of the iPad for reaching and engaging it.


4. Haunted House ~ 3D Pop-Up Activity Book by StoryToys Entertainment Limited

4thHaunted House – 3d pop-up activity book by Story Toys is chock full of fun and games for early elementary students. There are 11 different scenes to play in, using visual scanning, targeting, and identification skills.  Opportunities for additional fun with puzzles and stickers are available through IAPs. Although I initially balked at IAPs, once downloaded, they were well worth investing in, as the ability to extend play was fabulous.


5. Halloween Party App by Together Learning Media, Inc.

5thcHalloween Party will assess older elementary and junior high school kid’s trivia knowledge about Halloween and all its ghoulish denizens. Play against the iPad or up to 3 other competitors, there are lots to learn and laugh about in this app. You need to be quick on your feet to score, and the fastest hand wins with the right answer. This game builds on sharing, turn taking, and the possibilities of building a team and/or social skills through group play.

6. Room on the Broom: Games by Magic Light Pictures Ltd. 6thThe Room on the Broom Games by Magic Light Pictures and based on the book by Julia Donaldson is just simply magical. There are a total of 8 games, from finding objects that are hidden (teaching coordination of visual motor systems), a star dot to dot that creates pathways of stars for Witch and Cat to fly, feed the dragon (moving the dragon to feed on fries), and flying a broom to pick up letters to spell simple words. The best part of this app?.... is that the games have a purpose with a specific goal and are not just hot spots placed all over the page. Pair this with the book for special fun.   7. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown by Loud Crow Interactive Inc. 7thcHalloween would not be complete without this classic by Loud Crow Interactive. It portrays activities and scenes from days gone by but continues to delight all with all its interactive features. The app presents as a big pop-up book and is rich in images and Halloween activities.       About the Author Picture - JoJo Booth has been an Occupational Therapist for over 30 years and currently works in Pediatrics with early intervention. She sees kids newly diagnosed on the spectrum as well as medically fragile kids. She loves to move, explore and play every day; so that “her kids” grow up to be healthy independent learners. (edit)  
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