7 Time Management Tips to Work Less and Relax More

1   Time management involves the proper utilization of allocated hours for specific use. Time management incorporates the need to utilize the availed time in order to complete the tasks that need handling. It is factual that in 24 hours, every individual wishes to handle duties in the most productive manner. True as that sounds, some people would benefit more out of achieving more success through maximum productivity.


Usually, the relaxation is a result of utilizing the same time that has been allocated to everyone. To be more successful in every task, time management is a basic requirement. An individual must be time conscious in order to succeed. Aside from being successful, conscious time management allows an individual to get relaxation time. The following time management tips promote time management for relaxation:

1. Time Auditing

Time auditing involves finding out where the time goes within 24 hours. Often is there a huge discrepancy that calls for subjectivity. With proper auditing, it is easy to track all activities by having an application that reports the events of the day. Evaluate the reports to come up with conclusive schedules for different days. A good example of such an application is Toggl. It tracks all weekly activities. Read a complete review of Toggl HERE.

2. Set Objectives Before Meetings

Prior to attending meetings, it is crucial to have set objectives. This is because, with a clear head on how an individual needs reports or targets done, time shall be saved in the meeting. It, therefore, means that the only agenda of the meeting will be streamlining the set goals. This gives more time for relaxation because the meeting will take a relatively shorter time.

3. Limit Time on Objectives

Now that there is an audit report for time allocated to activities, involve the chart in allocating stringent time possible for set objectives. In the agenda, identify tasks that require longer completion time. These are the tasks that must have time constraints. With this logic, an individual focuses more on beating deadlines. The focus also promotes efficiency. Efficiency allows an individual to have relaxation time.

4. Focus on Results

Good time management involves focusing on results. While high-quality work calls for attention to details, it does not necessarily mean that more time should be spent on it. Concentration on work plays a key role in saving time. Working on a project for long hours does not necessarily imply that an individual will achieve better results. Focusing on the projects, however, can lead to better results.

5. Prioritize Tasks

To achieve more within a short period, it is vital to be orderly. That is what prioritizing tasks involve. With a clear understanding of how tasks should be handled in order of priority, an individual gets to achieve more within a short time. People who pose good tips on time management focus on important projects. That is one way forward to lowering the chances of piling activities on the schedule.

6. Avoid Multitasking

From texting, while walking to receiving calls in the board room, multitasking is the number one time killer, especially when dealing with complex projects. Proper time management tips call for zero to no multitasking. This is because multitasking interferes with the normal brain functioning. To fully concentrate on a project, avoid multitasking. This gives an individual the chance to handle one project at a time. Not only will the projects be fully handled but also efficiently worked on.

7. Take Breaks Between Projects

According to scientific research, the human brain needs unplugging after every 90 minutes. This is because the brain cells need a break to regenerate. While the projects may need to be handled immediately, overworking the brain slows down an individual's productivity. It is, therefore, crucial to take 90 minutes breaks between the projects. Aside from the health that brain cells require, breaks offer the body a chance to recharge the batteries.


With the world vastly delving into businesses with the aim of constructing the world's economy, more time has been put into different projects. These projects can consume an individual's health if there is not enough caution taken. To be safe from any health hazard, it is vital to invest in proper time management tips. As stated above, these tips offer an individual the chance to get more rest after working hard to achieve excellent results. AIbEiAIAAABECI6_qMTJlYOjtAEiC3ZjYXJkX3Bob3RvKihiYmU3N2I3ZWJiOGE1ZGExNDNjY2I2MWUyNTAxYTViN2MxOTlmOWFjMAEziiP0fSNrLxShMmVFMybTUB2Q9AHarper Brenning is a Project Manager with a vast expertise in business administration, organizational change, and team management. She writes for CloseOpenHours - a website that provides time schedules of different businesses and aims to help people organize their time better.
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