10896-logo-TypeDojo-ThumbnailTypedojo is a web-based application that helps with the essential skill of keyboarding. This site lets you test how well of a typist you are and records your scores based on several different types of tests and exercises. The positives of this site, are the sheer number of exercises and tests that one can take. They also offer a one, three, and five-minute test to see how well you type at the various speeds. As well as a WPM Test and a Ten key Typing Test. download-9 In addition, Although all of the exercises and tests give you the same results. I tested right around my expected range albeit it was at an 8th-grade level. I did like the variety of tests that were available to me and I could tell which areas were weak for me, and which ones are stronger. Which is just what we want in an assessment. Another cool feature is that when you sign in, you can take a test and get your name along with your score on a printable certificate. Kids would like that, especially when they showed improvement over a period of time. sample-certificate Results include: Speed Accuracy Time Taken Keystrokes Right Strokes Wrong Strokes Error Rate Gross WPM Screen-Shot-2016-01-03-at-5.22.42-PM-300x216If you are looking for a typing game for younger children, TWA reviewed KidzTypet last year. This app and considered it a "gem" by being engaging and fun for kids for kids of all ages as well as getting them set up for success in their keyboarding skills.     WISH LIST: History shows that what worked well in the past contained a more gamified approach. This would have entailed modeling themselves after such iconic programs as Type to Learn and Mavis Beacon. We understand the concept of adverts, the one's displayed can be tricky.  
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