8 of the BEST Educational App Review Sites UPDATED

Some might wonder why Teachers With Apps would publish a post with live links to what may be considered our competitors, actually this list came out of a post called What Apple is Featuring in the Kids SectionThat blog was an expose on the big brands that were presently being featured in the app store. The intention was to promote the indie developers and help consumers find great content. This list seemed like a natural fit in that blog. Recently I began overhauling my site and before my update comes out I need to fix all of my broken links and trash outdated materials. This site originally contained 12 review sites. In three years time, four of those sites no longer exist and the app store continues to crank out more and more apps in the Education Category. We still have a huge gap in exposure and many exemplary apps go unnoticed. This update is in hopes of getting more educators and parents reliant on the experts in the edtech field and the digital tools that they recommend. unnamed   images-2
  1. Teachers With Apps - Teachers With Apps (TWA) is a respected resource for educators and parents to discover exceptional tools in the digital space. TWA is dedicated to understanding child development and knowing the significance of all factors including social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being that contribute to a happy and healthy child. Teacher With Apps field-tests every app/product with a cross-section of students and teachers as part of our review process. We only review materials that we recommend, eliminating the need for scores, you will only find teacher-tested technology here, removing the tedium of wading through this vast marketplace. Reviews are a combination of bullet points, narrative and video clips giving a thorough yet concise overview of the resource and how it can be implemented either in a classroom setting or at home.  The reviews are authored by teachers, therapists, and educators with a specific expertise in the different ages/content/and special areas. Teachers With Apps believes that quality mobile educational apps are the tools of the future but they need to be used responsibly. Remember, not all apps are created equal.
  2. Digital Story Time - Founded in December 2010, has over 600 reviews in a sortable database with individual ratings for animation, interactivity, originality, educational value, audio quality, bedtime, re-readability, and extras. They now host guest posts by other review sites.
  3. iMums - Consists of four mothers from different parts of the world dedicated to educating parents about the best digital stories, educational apps, fun games and technology products available for their children. We also offer the latest news in apps for kids, interesting articles, developer interviews, free apps and regular giveaways.
  4. geekswithjuniors  - A site about parenting in the age of technology. They review only the best apps for kids, games, and workflow recipes, and they spend time with each review and offer one review a day. They do not write about apps that they have not personally tried or do not like.
  5. Children’s Technology Review -  (CTR) Started in 1993, is a continually updated rubric-driven survey of commercial children’s digital media products, for birth to 15-years.  It is designed to start an educational conversation about commercial interactive media products; with the underlying admission that there is no perfect rating system.
  6. Graphite - Service from Common Sense Education that makes it easy to discover the best apps, games, and websites for classroom use. Tools like Edmodo, Educreations, ClassDojo, and Socrative have been thoroughly reviewed by their educators. Graphite’s ratings and reviews, blog articles, and webinars provide the information you need to make great technology choices.
  7. Educational App Store - (EAS) believes that a focus on matching educational apps to the curriculum is key for ensuring that both educators and learners get the most out of their mobile learning experience, they focus on performance, educational value and curriculum alignment when assessing the apps within their store. Aimed at developers, our EAS certified teachers review apps with this unique approach in mind.
  8. KinderTown - Transforms mobile devices into powerful teaching tools by finding and organizing the best educational apps for kids ages 3-8 years old. Their mission is to improve early childhood education by empowering parents with the tools to be better teachers.
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