8 Top educational apps you haven’t been using but should be

Top educational apps you haven’t been using but should be By Paula Lawrence Every teacher has his/her favorite applications. And, though, you get used to your “everyday apps” there are more and more being developed. To keep up with an endless list of educational apps, we created a special one with top educational apps you haven’t been using but should. imgresLightbot Coding Puzzles ($2.99) Do you want to be the first to introduce your students to coding? The Lightbot app is a fun and easy way to do it. Kids can navigate a little robot to walk, jump, and move colorful blocks using simple commands. The application is aimed at kids age 4-9. The commands become more difficult as the lessons move on. urlpumpic.com (monthly subscription) This is a must-have application if you let your students browse the Internet. It allows parents to block inappropriate content, 18+ websites, and applications. You can also monitor social media to avoid cyber bullying, sexting, and contacts with online predators. In addition, you can track real-time GPS location of a student by setting geofences like “home” or “school”. Each time a student enters or leaves, it triggers a responsible adult receives a message. google-earth-12-700x406Google Earth (Free) This is probably one of the most creative and inspirational apps you can use during your classes. It allows you to leave the classroom and fly around the world with just a swipe of your finger. Search for cities, countries, continents, or picturesque landmarks while reading the story about each place. Visit the Google Earth gallery to see the best images of the year or real time maps on a tsunami, earthquake, or simple city tours together with your students. imgres-1Popplet Lite (Free) Wish you could categorize and rearrange your ideas in a simple way? Popplet allows you to use collaborative mind mapping, create mood boards, plan projects, and reports, and record thoughts on the go. Encourage your students to jot down their ideas and further sort them individually. learn chinese mandarin thumbnailLearn Chinese Mandarin (Free) If you want to future-proof your student's careers, then this Learn Chinese Mandarin is a must-have on your list. The most spoken language in the world is also one of the most valuable nowadays for western people. The app provides learning vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and handwriting in an easy way. geo trainer hd thumbnailGeo Trainer HD (Free) This is a fantastic way to cultivate interest towards other countries in the world and geography in general. Students can find a zoom-able map and answer questions about different countries. The game becomes more complicated as levels move on, but students still can configure sessions of the game depending on their knowledge. imgres-2SquiggleFish ($2.99) This truly magical app is aimed at younger children. Kids can draw as many fish as they want, then you scan them and send to the app where the real magic is about to happen. In about 15 seconds, you together with your students can see them swimming in the app. It is a great way to keep your younger students occupied if you are strong enough to resist the temptation to play the app yourself.
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2 Responses

  1. Leesa Johnson

    Wonderful article! I would like to suggest another great free learning app. It’s a time app that tells you world time! However, if used and made students aware of it, it can be a great add-on to their other back to students apps! Students can learn to tell time in different time zones.

  2. Joana

    Neat! I am going to try them all