8 Ways to Catch the Reader


8 Ways to Catch the Reader

To read or not to read – that is the question. Did you know an average reader takes this crucial decision in about 5–7 seconds? Will you be able to use this time to your advantage? Not sure? Then use the advice of Lucy Adams, a blogger from Buzz Essay, and catch even more readers! Here are 8 Ways to Catch the Reader!

#1 The Mighty Trio

How often do you search materials on the Internet? Experienced researchers know that the title, the introduction, and the formatting are the three cornerstones of perception.
  1. The title has to reflect the main idea of the paper and be directed to the target audience. For example, if the text is devoted to practical solutions of problems, it should be of a "How to" form.
  2. The introduction is the second important component. If the text immediately catches the reader, the latter will forgive you typos and any other To interest the reader, the introduction has to succinctly and beautifully describe the issue.
  3. The formatting. People tend to follow the path of least resistance, so they’re willing to see beautifully formatted and easy for perception texts. Divide the article into paragraphs, highlight the most important points, use bulleted lists, illustrations, and pictures.

Picture1#2 Catchy Subtitles

Don’t forget to make relevant subtitles for giving the reader an idea of what the paragraphs below are about. Subtitles have to be consistent with each other and suggest step-by-step solutions to all main problems of the article. Don’t forget to continue the story in the same style as the tone of the title and sub-headings. Specifying an intriguing name for a dry presentation of the facts and details is not the best idea.

#3 The Reader Comes First

Would you appreciate the paper in which the half of the information is devoted to the greatness of the author? I don’t mean you mustn’t mention your name, but it has to go in the context of how your personality can help the reader to solve his problem. Take the reader’s needs to the forefront, and he will thank you by continuing reading.

Picture2#4 Uniqueness & Competitive Advantages

If your article is promotional, be sure to show the benefits the potential customer gets after purchasing your product or service. Well, the product or service may be three times unique and special in relation to things on the same shelf, but if it doesn’t satisfy the user's needs, it will remain unnoticed.

#5 Facts and Statistics

Nothing touches people more than something interesting. Provide statistics or some curious fact, and people will read your text:
  • Scientists have found that people cannot see dreams when snoring.
  • According to statistics, 1.5% of people on the planet have red hair.
  • Americans dispose of about 20 billion diapers annually.

#6 Questions

Questions affect the subconscious of an individual, involving him in reading.
  • Did you know that Einstein was considered a retarded/autistic child up to 4 years of age?
  • Do you want to get passive income?

#7 Provocative Phrases

This trick implies starting an article with the provocative phrase, causing certain emotions in certain groups of readers. However, if you call negative, then you have to reduce it to zero.
  • All Beyonce fans are dumb.
  • If you are not an alien, you’ll read the next sentence.
  • It is foolish to work 8 hours per day.

#8 Confidential Tone

Write the article in such a tone as speaking with an ideal buyer. Of course, you can’t address a single paper to all clients at once, so the key is to expand the knowledge of the psychology of different temperaments and types of people and involve the maximum number of readers who potentially can get interested in the offer. Make every reader feel you write exclusively for him. I hope the trick above will help you to catch even more readers to your materials. For sure, not all the tips are universal. Some of them may be used only in an appropriate case. Well, each and every niche has unique features professional writer can’t ignore. Bio: AIbEiAIAAABDCOvMy7Xkxsv0fyILdmNhcmRfcGhvdG8qKGM2MWQ1ZDdhNmIwNDhkODlmYzBjOGI2OWEzYmM5YTljZjA0ZDlmYjEwAWQoPv72h0ohXQj6IQpN40AXsS_4-1Lucy Adams is an essay writer from http://buzzessay.com. She’s fond of researching and blogging, so feel free to supply her with interesting ideas you have in mind. You’ll get a response a very soon, and with a great likelihood of me accepting one of your suggestions as the topic of the future paper.
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