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  From the makers of Foldify, comes their newest app Storest. It is truly an interactive app for kids of all ages (as every therapist, teacher, or parent could not stop playing!). The store is divided into two areas of play – being a customer or cashier. Tasks include planning a menu, budgeting, shopping, paying…
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Storest – New App For Kids From The Developers Of Foldify

Pixle announces the release of its new app for kids, Storest. It is a fun iPad app that teaches kids about money and shopping through a hands-on approach, with the option of playing in both virtual and printable modes. The game is stocked with a variety of fun products and featuring a realistic checkout. Each product comes with a bar code that can be scanned with the virtual cash register. Any kid can become a smart and savvy shopper with Storest.
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25+ Terrific Educational App Developers

Every Thursday evening a group called EdAppTalk gets together to talk education and tech. The group has over 3000 members, but on a usual night, we have a handful of regulars that come out. If you would like to join this group all are invited, just go to EdAppTalk and ask to join. This post, 25+ Terrific Educational…
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