A Jazzy Day – Music Education Book for Kids

icon175x175A Jazzy Day - Music Education Book for Kids Does your child know what a tenor saxophone looks like or what bass sounds like? Expose them to A Jazzy Day - Music Education Book for Kids and they will! This top educational app offers your kids a brand new musical learning experience! A JAZZY DAY is a fun and interactive story that will teach your child about music instruments. The book features original illustrations and music, as well as sounds from real acoustic instruments. Join the two cute kittens as they visit the Jazz Big Band and meet the animal musicians. Play and put your knowledge to the test. Photo Feb 29, 2 05 39 PM Special Features: • Easy to use interactive pages designed for little fingers. • Original Jazz Big Band music from professional musicians. • Read to Me - reads and plays the story automatically. • Read it Myself - allows you to read the story at your own pace. • Educational Games : "Find the instrument" and "Which instrument sounds like this". • Take a picture with the musical kittens and share your photo. • This app will teach and inspire your child to start playing a music instrument. Photo Feb 25, 2 30 49 PM-3Apple's Best app for Ages 5 & Under • Winner of a Gold Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award • Academics' Choice Award • Parents' Choice Award • Horizon Award • Best App Ever Award • NYTimes apps to acknowledge Promo Video A JAZZY DAY is available with a brand new version 2.0 for iOS including a special release for the Apple TV.
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