A Leap With ALICE

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Disruption In the Classroom

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“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

A Leap With Alice

Pioneering the leap in creative education that teachers and students have long been waiting for, Leap With Alice is a revolutionary tool for passionate educators - serving as every “Teacher’s Aide”. Classrooms are transformed from a work environment to an immersive experience where teachers and students can mutually thrive. Leap With Alice provides templates and guides on how to create interactive content, fast and free. Using simple drag and drop features, educators possess the ability bring everyday lesson plans to life. A Leap in Creative Education ~ Learn more about ALICE below! Persistent issues have plagued education for decades. Educators do not have the time or resources required to engage students on a personal level. Unique abilities, such as dyslexia, remain unharnessed and often ignored. On a larger scope, average classrooms lack meaningful engagement from the students. Despite access to smart devices, the tools that drive positive interaction are underutilized. Unfortunately, even with such clarity of the issues surrounding education, we have failed to equip teachers with basic resources. A Leap With Alice has the tools and is handing them directly to those best suited to wield their power.

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Augmented Reality grants teachers the resources to generate immersive and deeply engaging content; taking the existing world around us and overlaying new information on top of it. Students finally receive content that best suits the development of their unique abilities. The classroom, as a whole, interacts and connects with educational material that had previously been deemed tedious or dull. Enhanced educational material is exchanged via the ALICE Exchange. For the first time, educators can impact students on a global scale with a single lesson plan; breaking free from the confines of a single classroom. The time and effort required to creating individualized content has the opportunity to receive proper value, thanks to blockchain technology. Incentivizing every step of the way, content creators and curators are rewarded (in ALICE) for positive contributions to the Leap With Alice community. Leveraging the innovations of modern technology and disrupting the education system as we know it, Leap With Alice hands the power over to those who should lead the way, passionate educators.   1_pclOw7Dai7GkiUbaNJicFQ


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