A Present for Milo: A Touch-and-Surprise Storybook

images-1A Present for Milo: A Touch-and-Surprise Storybook, by Ruckus Learning, is simply beautiful. Reminiscent of Good Night Moon, with a Leo Lionni-esque collage style. This book app is so easy to return to again and again. It was created specifically for the iPad and it showcases the elements of interactivity that the iPad boasts, without over doing it. The visuals have such wonderful intonations of a previous, uncomplicated, innocent life,  that you can't help feeling refreshed and relaxed by its tone. Our personal favorite is the piano scene. Try tapping on the music sheets to set off ragtime music or join Milo as he skips across the keys. The experience resonants of days gone by and reminds us of the scene in Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat, when the goldfish warns the children not to play. Milo the cat brings a sweet and entertaining form of chaos to the household. This age-old cat and mouse saga is perfect for pre-readers and those just beginning to read. Kudos to Mike Austin, the author, and illustrator! •All animations, narration and sound effects are activated by a simple finger tap or swipe. • Includes read-along text (that repeats when tapped). • Each screen draws the reader into the story, opening with slapstick chase animations that repeat (and sometimes change) when you touch the main characters. • Users get to join the fun in Milo’s topsy-turvy world: touch objects in every room to see more than 125 animations with dozens of hidden surprises on every screen! • Hours of fun to return to over and over. This engaging story with its delightful animations, tap-able surprises, and whimsical sound effects—make for a perfect digital storybook. Note:  In addition, please check out Ruckus Media Group's collection of classic book apps, wonderfully narrated by well-known actors. Here's a sampling: The Velveteen Rabbit, told by Meryl Streep; Pecos Bill, told by Robin Williams; John Henry, told by Denzel Washington; Goldilocks, told by Meg Ryan; Steadfast Tin Soldier, told by Jeremy Irons; The Three Little Pigs, told by Holly Hunter and more...  
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