AbaPlanet PRO, virtual learning platform for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder

logo-FPI-1 Logo-Abaplanet-2     AbaPlanet PRO, virtual learning platform of vocabulary for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder, is out!

The new platform, based on Artificial Intelligence, puts a complete and autonomous system of progressive learning at service of parents and professionals. It makes decisions depending on the user’s performance

Fundación Planeta Imaginario introduces AbaPlanet PRO, a new version of AbaPlanet, one of its apps for iPad, specially designed for learning in kids with special educational needs, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), within which disorders like Autism or Asperger Syndrome can be found.

AbaPlanet PRO has been conceived by expert psychologists in behavior, with over 20 years of experience with kids suffering ASD. AbaPlanet PRO is defined as a vocabulary learning system, including more than 350 concepts, each one with several pictures and images. The platform allows the user to carry out identical and similar object recognition exercises, as well as the association between a heard word and its related image. AbaPlanet 08 AbaPlanet 04The remarkable benefits of AbaPlanet PRO are:
  • Expert but adaptable system: It comes with an artificial intelligence system that makes decisions during the session, increasing or decreasing the difficulty level, as well as aids and distracters. Everything depending on the kid’s performance. This is ideal for parents since the platform can be used at home not needing the presence of the therapist.
  • Session recording: all session data details are recorded in a logging system for its later analysis. Ideal for professional, becoming a great supporting tool, which allows the evolution assessment session to session.
  • Based in positive reinforcement: after completing a certain number of exercises correctly, the platform gets numerous reinforcements provided as positive incentives, in order to increase user’s motivation to keep on learning.
  • Multiple users: AbaPlanet PRO allows for creating customized profiles for each of the platform’s users, including all their sessions and the progress achieved.
  • Customized sessions: users can create their own customized learning sessions, as well as add their own pictures and different voices.
00_Logo_AbaPlanetPROAbaPlanet PRO is inspired by ABA methodology (Applied Behavior Analysis). This human behavior approach has demonstrated its efficacy in the treatment of kids with ASD, through numerous studies published in prestigious scientific journals. It is presently available in English, Spanish, and Catalan, and it can be downloaded from iTunes Store for iPad, at a 19,99$ price. This amount already includes all more than 350 concepts with thousands of images and pictures, as well as the multiple reinforcement options available. Therefore, neither in-app purchases nor any type of subscription is necessary from user’s side. AbaPlanet PRO has been conceived and designed by Fundación Planeta Imaginario, a clinical, training and research center with over 14 years of experience, offering early and intensive behavioral intervention programs for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Foundation has a large human team formed of psychologists, educational psychologists, speech therapists and educators, all with specific training and practice approaching this kind of conditions. Contact: Ester Calvo (Deputy Director) – Sandra Ballesta (Apps Division Manager) Fundación Planeta Imaginario ESADECREAPOLIS – Avenida Torre Blanca, 57 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) Telephone: +34 93 418 48 50 E-mail adress: apps@planetaimaginario.org Website: http://www.planetaimaginario.org/en/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Planeta.Imaginario.Apps Twitter: https://twitter.com/Apps_PlanetaIma Links: AbaPlanet PRO Download link: USA à http://apple.co/1P9q2tJ CANADA à http://apple.co/1Qs6UKJ AbaPlanet Website: http://www.abaplanet.com/en/ Promotional video: http://youtu.be/wZLM0blHAB8
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