Accelerated Reviews


Many people ask, "How can we get TWA to write a review of our app/*product?"

We do offer accelerated reviews, but only for apps that have gotten through the initial phase of our review process and have been approved by our own rubric rating system.  TWA is a premier review site featuring only the best in educational apps. We stand behind our reviews. We are teachers who field-test every app with a cross-section of students prior to writing any review. Therefore, we do not offer reviews to everyone.

An accelerated review from Teachers With Apps can offer invaluable exposure, at the right time, to a targeted audience of potential customers.

This service is $250, you might ask yourself why so much? We are teachers and clinicians that spend time learning all about the ins & outs of your app or product and uncover the best use or application of your app. Many times apps are glossed over or the inherent value or applicability of an app is not readily apparent. That is why field-testing is so it comes from a users point of view as to play value and use. It is simply not an adult's version of what someone might think kids like. Kids play, explore, and learn - and most importantly give feedback on what they are playing. Our rates have risen because we know you value what we do as teachers and you want a thorough, well-written review of your app. You also want a CREDIBLE source promoting you. Teachers With Apps has been a labor of love and in order to stay afloat, we need to cover operation costs and pay our teachers and staff for all of their hard work. Many reviews take 20+ hours to test and report and write. We do guarantee a 7-day turn around for a homepage featured review, with links to your app and company website. Each review is also promoted on our social media channels with over 300,000 followers.

Email if you are interested in learning more!

*Product reviews are obviously based on different criteria, we do not promote any products or services that we do not stand behind.  
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