icon_shadow_round_1024We want to instill good moral values in our children. Among them, sharing is essential for their social development. Unfortunately, you can find many applications teaching mathematics or reading, but none teaching generosity. Not anymore! The application AKI THE MONKEY TEACHES VALUES: SHARING has been created to help you teaching the important values of sharing and generosity to your young children. The application's pioneering and fun features will permit a valuable and successful learning experience! You will find in this application : - An interactive story to read to your young child, with cute illustrations of our hero, Aki the little monkey, and his family and friends. image2 image1 - Points in the story where your child will have to choose what our hero, Aki the little monkey, should do in given situations.These choices will be between two behaviors: one corresponding to an attitude of sharing or being generous, and one corresponding to an attitude of non-sharing.

The story will change based on the chosen attitude.


Aki has chosen to share the ball. Aki has chosen not to share the ball.

Your child will be able to see immediately the effects of her/his choices so she/he can understand what behaviors generate happy situations, and what behaviors don't. With this interactivity, your child will feel involved and will be actively participating, which is a key factor for successful learning activities. The story will change based on your child's choices, making the story different each time you read it. Hopefully, when you read the story again to your child, she/he will make more generous choices, and ultimately be more generous in the real life. And when she/he is not, maybe you can ask her/him: "What would Aki the monkey do?" to make her/him think again and hopefully change her/his mind!


A version for boys and a version for girls

By selecting the sex of your child when starting the story, our hero will become either a boy or a girl to match the sex of your child. The illustrations and the texts will change accordingly. The purpose here again is for your child to feel more involved in a more effective learning experience. - A function where you can take pictures of toys actually belonging to your child to have them appearing inside the story. image7 image6 - "Tip" buttons in some pages of the story permitting you to access explanation about a technique, used on that page, to help you in making your child more generous. - An evaluation of the level of generosity based on the choices made. It will motivate your child to read the story again later in order to achieve a better result and self-evaluate her/his level of generosity. - Three languages to choose from English, French, and Japanese. If you have multilingual children or want to expose them to foreign languages early, you will appreciate this feature. If you want your children to be more generous, download AKI THE MONKEY TEACHES VALUES: SHARING from the App Store and start teaching them now! Available in the App Store for iPad and iPhone: click here -> Aki teaches values on the App Store Application’s web site: www.akithemonkey.com
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