Alternatives to Classroom Teaching

Teaching is a wonderful and rewarding profession, but classroom teaching can leave you feeling burned out. When you feel this way, it's tempting to leave teaching altogether. However, you don't have to. Here are 15 other education roles that can really use your skills, so you can continue doing what you love. Picture1 Alternatives to Classroom Teaching: 15 Other Rewarding Jobs in Education
    1. Student counseling: You know better than anyone that students face adversity every day, both in and out of the classroom. You can be there to help guide them through their studies and get the grades they need to succeed.
    2. Writing tutor: There's a huge demand for academic writers online right now. With teachers struggling for time to help students, they're looking for help with assignments from online tutors. You can become a writer on sites such as Paper Fellows.
    3. Teaching in prisons: There are people currently incarcerated that want to learn, and the job can be incredibly fulfilling. The students can work hard, get qualifications, and make a life for themselves once they're released.
    4. Work with younger children: If the day to day running of schools is what's getting you down, consider working with day-care aged children. You still get to teach valuable skills, but you won't be dealing with the same administration as you would in a regular school.Picture2
  • Teach at college or university level: On the other end of the spectrum, you can teach older students in higher education. These students want to be there, so it can often be much more rewarding.
  • Write resumes: Resume writing is challenging for some, but as a teacher, you'll find it simple to create a good one. Join a writing service such as Resumention, and start earning writing new resumes for clients.
  • Sell teaching materials: You'll have amassed plenty of materials in your career. Try selling them on online marketplaces. You can make good money and help other teachers out.
  • Academic writing: As a teacher, you know what a good essay looks like. Not every student does, though. That's why professional assignment writing service is always looking for good essay writers. Put your skills to use and earn good money.Picture3
  • Teach children in hospitals: Children who have serious illnesses still need their education. You can work in hospitals teaching, making a similar salary but with much smaller class sizes.
  • Teach homeschooled children: Homeschooling is becoming more popular, and parents aren't always comfortable teaching all subjects. You can step in and teach your specialist subject for them.
  • Be a museum guide: If you're a history buff, this is for you. You can help educate about the past but do so outside of the classroom setting.
  • Start your own after school program: Are you keen on sports or creative activities? Then you can create your own after school program for children with those interests.
  • Vet educational writers: The online academic writing industry is booming, but sites such as UK Top Writers and Best Australian Writers are checking which services can really deliver. You could get services for them. After all, who knows educational writing better?
  • Create curricular materials: All those textbooks and materials you used in the classroom are created by somebody. Use your experience to create useful materials for other teachers.
  • Become a nanny: You can work with children and help educate them, but you'll never have to step foot in a school again.
You have lots of options outside of the classroom. Give them a try, and you can educate wherever you are.
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