Android & iOS apps for a smarter teacher-parent communication

imgres-7Android & iOS apps for a smarter teacher-parent communication – Ways to improve clarity Previously teachers used to depend on the website of a classroom to keep in touch with the parents of their students about what was going on in class. Teachers would update the site once in a week, post photos and communicate with eager parents through the ‘comments’ section. But today, weekly updates are a thing of past as we’re living in the age of mobile status updates and tweets. If you remain aware of the recent Android news and iOS updates, you might have heard about the various Android and iOS apps which are being developed for teachers to use as collaboration tools with parents. Read on to know more on how teachers can install apps in their smartphones to improve the communication with the parents of their students. Subtle adjustments to be made by teachers before communicating online with parents Although apparently it seems to be one of the most feasible options to communicate with parents online through apps or social media, yet there are few adjustments that you have to make to ensure there is clarity and transparency in the way you interact.
  • Be watchful about the tone you use while writing as nothing should be misinterpreted, especially sarcasm.
  • Use concise and easy-to-understand language.
  • Positive communication should be done more often.
  • Take into account more diverse function like communicating needs and celebration of learning and education.
  • Try to know your audience and watch what you share and with whom. Don’t make the mistake of sharing information on student X with parent Y.
A detailed overview of the apps
  1. images-12Remind is an app which offers teachers a safe and free way of instantly texting parents and students. Teachers are allowed to schedule reminders, homework, assignments, assessments or any kind of motivational quotes directly to the parents’ and students’ phones. Such interactions are considered to be safe as phone numbers are always kept secret and the messages that are never sent with open replies. From the perspective of students & parents, the app Remind offers a simpler method of staying informed even when they’re out of the classroom.
  1. imgres-8The Teacher App & Grade Book
This is a comparatively new free tool which enhances collaboration and cooperation between teachers, student, parents and schools via parent messaging, event notification, interactive calendar and notifications on course grades. Through the Teacher App & Grade Book, parents can check grades, submit letters of absenteeism, review attendance records and stay totally informed on upcoming events too.
  1. imgres-3Ringya : Communication for groups, teams and more
Through Ringya, you can quickly and easily setup groups of any size with text, voice and e-mail communication with all the group members. The best thing about this app is that you can communicate with those without a smartphone. Leverage this app to effortlessly create groups, call, text, chat or email with individuals, groups and even sub-groups and to group chat with friends who don’t have Ringya. It is great for parents as they can get in touch with other school’s parents as well.
  1. class-dojoClass Dojo – Improve behavior in classrooms
Class Dojo is an app which lets teachers enhance the overall conduct of students in classrooms. It captures important data on behavior and generates such data to be shared with administrators and parents. Teachers can utilize this app to give positive or negative feedback about their behavior and manage their classes. Parents can check and keep track over the progress of their ward at school. Easy management of classroom and beautiful reports are built in this app. It is vital for the educators to make sure those staying at home – be it carers or parents are fully aware of what is going on in the classroom. Teachers can stay aware of tech sites where they can get updates about the recent developments in the field of technology to make life easier.
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  1. There is an app called teno which is one of the best free parents teacher communication app that bridges the teacher And parents communication gap.