Animals ! Life sciences educational games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten

  icon_256Animals ! Life sciences educational games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is a what kids are returning to over and over. Yes, kids love animals and this great game is also totally educational. Children are exposed to a wide range of animal facts and will discover the different physical characteristics, natural environments and behaviors of many different animals. The premise is a treasure hunt where children listen to clues and choose the appropriate animal(s) to match the clue. For each correct answer, an animal appears traveling along the treasure map.  Once the treasure map is filled in, the animal friend they've been searching for pops out from behind the map. The kids LOVE when the animal friend waves! There are three levels of difficulty, which makes for great progression, from easy to challenging play. The search begins in level one by solving clues about animal's appearances, then moves into level two where it's all about the animal's habitats and ends with level three, which is all about their living habits.  The clues/questions in level three require higher order thinking skills.  The students we worked with loved searching for their adorable animal friends and were delighted when they found them. Babu, a delightful meerkat, is the narrator and will assure your child when help is necessary and give additional hints if needed. Love when he reminds kids to "listen carefully." These animals may be familiar to children as they are from the Mighty Jungle TV show, broadcast on PBS Sprout, CBC in North America, and the Disney Channel in South America and Asia. This simple, yet engaging game helps young children learn lots and have fun at the same time! This app is the first in the educational program, which is designed to help kids get ready for school, one app at a time.  
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