Babel, the King – EPIC animated storybook

  Babel, the King - EPIC animated storybook, by Epic Agency, is a priceless story of an adorable darling, scruffy, old cat who follows the advice of a convincing bird to follow a path to Kingdom. The journey they take together is both enchanting and heartfelt. The glorious illustrations and captivating story-telling will easily capture both old and young alike. Babel the King Cat, leads the young reader through an elaborate and immersive universe thanks to an exclusive story, high-quality illustrations and numerous interactions (blow, shout, push, rotate, shake, pull) that allow the reader to interact with the characters. We are incredibly impressed with this original tale and state of the art interactivity, as well as the wonderful animation, pristine sound-effects and fabulous music - worthy of a full-length feature film. All of the children we shared this app with as well as all of the adults were just in awe of the story, illustrations, interactivity and loved both the Babel and his sidekick, the bird. We see this app as flawless when the developers update the app and heed advice to highlight the words when read!


Karim Maaloul was born in the southern suburbs of Tunis. He spent his childhood surrounded by sheep blocking the streets, and goat thieving flowers from gardens. Local wildlife quickly became an inexhaustible source of inspiration. In 2009, he became one of the co-founders of Epic, a Belgian creative agency specializing in the creation of digital content and where he is now in charge of design and flash development. For Babel, he uses the various skills acquired throughout his career. He creates a fascinating and educational story which will entertain the younger children and captivate the older.


  • The story and visual world of Babel were exclusively created for a very young audience from 2 up to 8 years old;
  • Exclusive high-quality illustrations;
  • Exclusive music and sound effects;
  • Ease of playability;
  • Numerous interactions (blow, pull, push,…) and help display;
  • Text fully dubbed in English and French;
  • 2 reading modes: "I read by myself" or "Read it to me";


  • 20 fully illustrated and animated pages;
  • Available languages: English, French;
  • Compatibility: iPad 1, iPad 2, The new iPad, Android tablets;
  • Settings: music control, help display, languages, and choice of subtitles;
" This is a story imagined for the ‘new children’, those who are born with the new technologies, with the Internet, the iPad. A wonder of colors, texts, characters… With a timeless aspect since Babel is based on the criteria of a tale of yesteryear, with enough poetry and values, that always speaks to the soul of little children! It is a success! (And I am proud to have been asked to correct the French text!) Good luck, Jacques Mercier. "
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