“App Discovery” Guess I’ve been living under a rock…

So, I got this invitation to a Friday afternoon “Appy Party”. Just bring your mobile device and a friend and be ready to share your favorite apps – I was not going to miss this opportunity. The atmosphere was a cacophony of banter, all with one common thread - where did you find that one and who told you about this one and take a look at that one. Before I knew it, I’d stumbled into an “App Discovery” scenario before I’d ever even heard the term. Fast forward to Saturday afternoon. We, here at TWA, were in dire need of some help with maintenance issues, upgrades and some of the more labor-intensive tasks involved in keeping our site current and our computers working like finely oiled machines. Noah Carter, of smartHampton | tech support for smart people! to the rescue. Our knight in shining armor arrived at 2:00. We had a laundry list a mile high and had hoped to launch a new addition to Teachers with Apps by Monday. Before diving into the nitty gritty, we gave Noah an overview of what we’ve been doing for the last year. We described our tenacity and perseverance in building a reputable resource for finding great educational apps. “Oh, that’s HOT, red hot!” Noah declared. “App Discovery is where it’s at.” Bingo! Twice in two days and I’d never heard this term before. Should I be embarrassed? We had a very productive and invigorating day. And we made a contact, with a very special someone, that we hope will be along for the ride, as we continue as pioneers of this app aggregation movement. Oren Todoros, from apps marketing.mobi, wrote, “One of the main misconceptions many entrepreneurs and developers have about succeeding in the online industry is thinking that it takes a hit app to make it big. There’s certainly no lack of apps to riches stories floating around the web, but one important tip I share with most of the mobile entrepreneurs I meet is; Think about how you can improve the overall mobile app life-cycle. To put it in context, the mobile marketing industry will see 37% growth by 2016. An estimated 44 Billion apps are expected to be downloaded and the mobile coupon industry alone will be worth $46 Billion by the same year." With over 54,000 apps in the education category alone already, it is near impossible for the parent or teacher to find that "just right" app for their kids. With Teachers With Apps, we have created a niche for ourselves as the go-to resource for educational app discovery. We field test apps with a cross-section of students before we even decide if we're going to write a review. You will find nothing but the BEST in educational apps here! And if you need tech support, contact Noah, he's amazing.

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