Otus Adds New Platform and Features

imgres-1 Synvata LLC, the developer of Otus-Student and Otus-Teacher, has just added a new platform and their Robust LMS (Learning Management System) is now available with more features. They have launched a website version for Chromebook and any other web-enabled device a just in time for the new school year! This new platform makes Otus a standout and more comprehensive than any other LMS app or website. Otus is simple to implement and practical to use by both teacher and student; the friendly interface is one of the easiest applications to adopt. Look out EdTech world, because Otus is a disruptive technology and a disruptive business model. Otus has more features than any of the other LMS out there, and it is free. Free? Really? Pete Helfers explains how and why Otus is a free service for teachers and students: "Otus is a social enterprise with a primary mission to make education technology more accessible, easy-to-use and affordable for everyone. Funded by a philanthropic investment manager, Otus’ apps and web version will always be free for teachers and students, with no in-app purchases or advertising." unnamed TWA corresponded with the Otus staff to get the low down on what the new additions to this application are all about:  Andy Bluhm, founder of hedge fund Delaware Street Capital, began Otus as a social enterprise to address the digital disparities and inefficiencies in education. Bluhm collaborated with experienced 1:1 middle school teachers Pete Helfers and Chris Hull to design Otus, which is developed by Synvata, LLC, a Bluhm portfolio company. Bluhm comes from a very philanthropic family, and Otus is Andy Bluhm’s contribution towards leveling the playing field in education between the haves, and the have nots.  Its purpose is to improve education through technology by making it easy to use and affordable for all students and teachers. “We created the web version because teachers asked to be able to easily upload their assessments and PDF resources, and they wanted to be able to sort and export their grade book. All that is easier to do on a computer ” said Chris Hull, co-founder of Otus and current seventh-grade social studies teacher. Anyone can use the free web version of Otus, after much demand from teachers for a web-based version they followed through quickly adding new features to this great LMS tool. Teachers With Apps originally reviewed the two apps here: Otus-Student and Otus-Teacher split-newSplit Screen - Take notes while browsing the web and save them to your Google Drive.   classes-newClass Page - Organize classes, take attendance, sort and differentiate lessons, recognize behavior and communicate directly with students and parents.   bookshelf-newBookshelf - Curate and share websites, podcasts, spreadsheets, books and other digital materials with students, parents and other teachers.   browser-newBrowser - Built-in browser with student history tracking.   poll-newPoll - Poll students, receive instant feedback and store results for analysis.   assessment-newAssessment Center - Create assessments, grade and comment in real time.   blogBlog - Post a comment, and share ideas in a safe, teacher-controlled environment.   edpenEdPen - Hand writes on pictures and documents using this easy annotation tool. 6660001925_2a62581136_z Otus is a social enterprise with a mission to level the playing field by making technology easy-to-use and more affordable for everyone. Otus will always be FREE for students and teachers, with no advertising or in-app purchases.
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