Videolicious is a Stellar App for the Classroom

  imgres-1Videolicious, by The Talk Market, has a powerful potential in a classroom setting. The film feature, combined with the cut away to photos or artwork with narrative and music weaved in, has all kinds of possibilities! You can teach, engage, motivate, and let kids be completely creative with their own personalized projects. And all the while you are turning students on to real world learning and problem-solving. What they glean from the process alone, in making a simple video, is a skill that continues to be paramount in our digital society today. Having students teach each other is powerful to process and should be a priority, it can show mastery and give the students more meaningful activities and a lot less paper. Suggestions for classroom activities could be in a small group or individual videos. We all know the power of giving students choices in how and what they learn. Students can make documentary and news segment style films with Videolicious.  Students can record themselves giving a short introduction and then easily cut to a series of images and videos. The filming can return back to the student, who can then record a short conclusion. The free version of Videolicious has a time limit of 60 seconds. The time constraint can actually push students to include only the most important or interesting details. The other constraint placed on the free version is that each video can have up to 10 shots per video. Videolicious can save to the Camera Roll, allowing the video to be used in other apps and shared in a variety of ways.logo Making videos with Videolicious can be an incredible experience with this simple four-step tool. Perfect for kids of all ages to make project based learning videos to share what they have learned. Some possibilities are videos expanding on the traditional book report, chapter summations with their own sketches, author studies, field trip highlights, art demo’s or exhibits, scientific concept overview, current event news presentation, “how to” tutorials, to name just a few. My own students suggested being a sports commentator and giving visual highlights for either school sports or major league teams or weekly video segments of what’s happening in the school in each grade! After you pick your topic to follow these four easy steps:
  • Find Photos (add to camera roll)
  • Tap photos to sequence
  • Prepare Text
  • Video
  • Select Music
While there are so many iPad apps that deliver content, one of the best uses for technology in education is to make something with what you're learning. It’s exciting to empower students to be creative and digitally expressive.

New Features:

Talk and tap to magically line up your narration All new free cinematic soundtracks
Play Video

My satire on preparing students for the upcoming standardized tests!

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  1. […] Videolicious, by The Talk Market, has powerful potential in a classroom setting. The film feature, combined with the cut away to photos or artwork with narrative and music woven in, has all kinds of possibilities!  […]