1000 Adventures by DADA Company

admin-aja175imgres-51000 Adventures, by DADA Company, is another stellar book app from this talented and oh so creative developer! This time the story involves an adorable little boy who wakes up with a huge imagination and spends his days on a series of exciting adventures - from his parent’s bedroom to the park, and all around, eventually making his way back to his own cozy bedroom. He starts in the wilds of the jungle and traverses through the land of pirates, aliens, castles, cowboys, dinosaurs, dragons, and our personal favorite superheroes. Part book, part game, this tale is loaded with creative play. On every page, a new scenario invites kids to explore and tap to play with all the elements associated with that specific adventure. The scenes change from commonplace, to exotic lands and times, and back again. That is where the 1000 adventures come in, as the child is in constant play. They can change a classroom into prehistoric days with volcanoes and the main character is transformed into a caveman, along with his classmate and teacher. What a bundle of fun this app brings to the table! The kids we worked with were thrilled with each and every page and the constant state of flux that the bookish game provides. photo-1photo


- Improves association skills. - Stimulates curiosity and the imagination; encourages children to explore their surroundings. - Every scene has its own original soundtrack which is in keeping with the context. - Professional narrations. - Illustrations by Sebastiá Serra. - Every scene has a certain number of interactive elements. In the top left-hand corner of the screen, there is a scoreboard, which indicates the elements that must be discovered in order to complete the screen. At DADA Company we create and develop fun and educational apps: interactive books and digital toys for children to discover, learn and cultivate their knowledge of values and emotions. We combine the magic of illustrated children's music, cartoons, and video games to create children apps that stimulate a child's curiosity.


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