4 Primary Apps for Off to School

imgres-4TinyTap, Moments Into Games - Create free educational games & books for kids, by TinyTap Ltd., is a free app with endless possibilities for classroom use. With this app users can create their own ‘tap the right answer’ game using photos, text, their own drawings, etc. These can then be played on the iPad or emailed to someone else (who has the app) to play. What's so great about it? Simple to use, fosters creativity, features galore, access others games and share yours... Oh yea, and it’s free!


- Option to add own images, use iPad-shot pictures or use images from a web search - Record your own voice over photos so your little ones can always hear a familiar voice - Record a question, an answer and a hint for a rich, interactive user experience - Personalize games with a selection of 20 different soundtracks - Track a child’s progress using the in-game scoring system - Intuitively simple interface – easy for any to create and play games - Easy to share newly created games with friends and family TinyTap is the best way to create personal games for your kids on the iPad. It allows anyone from toddlers to their grandparents to play and create simple educational games, by using their own photos and recording questions. TinyTap makes playing and learning engaging and personal!    mzl.hlzubrmy.175x175-75PrestoBingo Shapes - Puzzle & Counting Game for Preschool to Kindergarten Kids, by PrestoBingo, gives children a delightful way to learn shapes and counting skills. A narrator explains circles, diamonds, ovals, rectangles, semicircles, squares, triangles, trapezoids, and triangles in kid's terms. Tap through whimsical illustrations by Joyce Hesselberth to uncover hidden shapes and learn their names through adorable animations.6a010535e0c68e970c01676122b250970b-800wi   Features: * 16 Illustrated puzzles * 25 animations * Concise descriptions of shapes in terms kids can understand * Text based, verbal and visual prompts throughout * A narrator to guide your child through the app * No third-party advertising or in-app purchases * Great addition to school curriculum (educational discount available)   imgres-8Talking ABC...,by Jutiful, is more than just another ABC app, it's claymation and completely crammed full of great activities to help your child learn the alphabet! The first tap will turn the letter into a jaunty animal and the second tap takes it goes back to a ball of clay to be formed back into the same letter. Options include listening to just the letter names and the phonetic sound. We wish they had the letter name, letter sound, and letter representation (animal) altogether, but this ABC app offers so much else, we can overlook that, for now. Talking ABC... engages young learners with its bright colored, cute animated clay animals. When holding the screen in portrait mode the screen shows just the letter and animal, rotate it to landscape and it shows the letter and the whole alphabet on the side. There are four games including a Letter quiz and an Animal quiz (which can be difficult when it comes to testing kids knowledge, as some of the animals are quite exotic). Funny Words is a typing activity that WOWS the kids every time.  Type in your name or any word, and presto, the app creates that word first with letters. Tap, and the claymation animals appear! There is also a Puzzle component, which has the option of easy or normal. The only thing we can't live with is that the letter G is represented by a giraffe. As cute as he may be, we like to start by teaching the hard letter sound first, then introduce the soft letter sound later. Perhaps a goat would have been a better choice.   mzl.pmoqwmpy Agnitus - Personal Learning Program introduces a wide variety of essential skills to preschoolers from recognizing colors and shapes to basic counting and sorting, matching with animals and letters and a whole lot more. It is enormously fun and extremely engaging as it helps young children form a solid foundation to build on. Best part, a report is generated each week to keep parents and teachers in the loop! SKILLS: Color Recognition, 2-D Shape Recognition, Memory & Recall, and Shape Building. MATH SKILLS: Recognizing Numerals, Shape & Number Sorting, Number Counting, Sense Of Quantity and Counting up to 10. PHONICS & ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS SKILLS: Letters Recognition, Initial Consonants, Tracing Lines and Uppercase Letter Tracing ABOUT AGNITUS:  Agnitus is a curriculum based learning program for iPad/tablets. Our key differentiator is our analytics and depth of the curriculum based on Common Core State Standards. Our adaptive learning program produces a report card for the parents while providing personalized learning experience for the child based on their ability. Parents' receive a weekly email with a child's report card and are able to access the report card via the "Parent's Dashboard" from within the app and on the web. YouTube Preview Image
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