A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

admin-aja175imgresA Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, by Loud Crow, has taken book apps to a completely new level of sophistication! There’s so much to love about this app. From the opening screen, right to the end we were LOLing and smiling and were delighted when kids who didn't know the characters were too! A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is the fourth Peanuts television special to be given an interactive spin from Loud Crow, an award-winning children’s interactive publisher based in Vancouver, BC. And believe you me, this is one app that will not disappoint! screen568x568 Inside the app, the pages are packed with Charlie Brown's darling trials and tribulations. You'll see Charlie Brown being tricked by Lucy when kicking the football, commiserating with sister Sally about another holiday, getting advice from Linus, and the usual trouble with Peppermint Patty, just to name a few of the scenes. The story continues with Charlie Brown getting himself in a bind and feeling the usual gloom and doom. Soon, Snoopy and Woodstock are setting a Ping-Pong table and whipping up a kid's version of Thanksgiving dinner complete with toast, pretzels, candy, and popcorn - the wonderful animation provides an inside view of the popping of the corn. Linus gives a kid-size, just right, history of the first Thanksgiving and semi-quotes the original grace spoken by the minister William Brewster. The antics continue with many a surprise and the story ends with the entire crew singing the classic, Over the River and Through the Woods. Snoopy and Woodstock celebrate in style back at home... the only way Snoopy ever does anything! photo-2   photo-1 What really makes this app a standout is the unique way the illustrations and words are controlled by a ribbon at the bottom of the page. This app doesn’t disguise that it was once a book. This 21st-century take on A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, written by Charles Schultz and published in 1973, is as heart-warming as ever. Oh, and don't forget - there will be lots of laughing out loud, especially with they pull the tab like a pop-up book!

Loud Crow CEO Calvin Wang stated thatWhile creating a playful experience was important, so too was portraying the moral of this holiday story.

Released in honor of the animated special’s 40th anniversary, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving blurs the line between an animated storytelling experience and an interactive handheld toy. Poignant yet playful, today’s release features dozens of responsive graphics and tactile elements designed to appeal and engage a child’s natural sense of wonder and curiosity.  
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