ABC Alphabet Phonics

  icon_256ABC Alphabet Phonics - Preschool and Kindergarten fun games for Kids HD. Montessori Activities: sounds, crosswords, song, letter spelling, by Kids Academy Company, is an awesome way to introduce and reinforce early literacy through reading readiness in a great game form. Children will visit the ALPHABET CITY for a tour of the multiple images for each letter. This can be done sequentially through an arrow or randomly from the home page. This swell Cartoon Type app gives lots of options for kids to learn the alphabet through exploratory play. Simple attractive illustrations with fun and humorous animations and sound effects make this a standout when it comes to yet another ABC app. This app has extremely easy navigation and super user-friendly interface. The child is encouraged to find the interactivity by subtle blinking. Wow, it took a child to show me that there are multiple pics that open to represent each letter. When playing by myself, I completely missed the subtle outline hint to 'touch here'. Just goes to show, once again, that you never really know the full potential of an app until you place it in the hands of a child! This app is another example of kids learning through educational play, having not the slightest clue that the activity that they are partaking in is building a strong foundation for beginning their formal education. This is the type of app that should be available to every child enrolled in a "Head-Start" type program. Teachers in every Nursery to Pre-K setting will find this an ideal tool to reinforce letter recognition as well as sound-symbol correspondence. We would like to have the letter sound have a separate button for those children that need more exposure to this component.         "Kid’s Academy team has seen plenty of Alphabet apps but none which we saw felt 'quite right', which is precisely why we decided to create our very own. Our main goal is to introduce little users to the world of letters in a fun way and allowing them to proceed at their own pace and liking. Children are free to choose which letter to learn first since we believe youngsters are not very fond of systematizing things. This way the weapon of choice is in their little hands and there is no enforced A-B-C-D-E progression, thank you very much. Progress is tracked and monitored and parents will appreciate the 'Parents Area' which allows for checking on the progress your child makes, identifying the 'favorite' letters or the Profiles show the number of times child has visited each letter and also the ones liked least. The app supports several different profiles, so you will always see who has learned what."  
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