Agnitus – Personal Learning Program by Agnitus

admin-aja175imgresAgnitus - Personal Learning Program, by Agnitus, is the ultimate comprehensive app for youngsters. This personalized program just keeps getting better and better with each update. Teachers With Apps began using this app last year with struggling learners; they not only had a blast playing, it was evident that learning was taking place. Detailed progress reports are available to let parents know what their child is playing, as well as informing parents/teachers of strengths and weaknesses. Each week a report card is emailed which outlines the play and progress of the week. This extensive progress monitoring is over the top as compared to other apps with similar content. What we like most about this program is the variety of skills that are combined in each lesson. Both math and literacy are covered and the app automatically gets more difficult as the child progresses. Icky is cute and encouraging and the content covers essential skills for building a solid foundation for beginning learners. Some silly games are interspersed with content that is entertaining. We corresponded with the people at Agnitus and they wanted to emphasize two areas - We are most focused on differentiating ourselves with the data analysis and assessment we produce which we feel is instrumental for both teachers and parents in understanding areas where their child might be struggling and as well -bringing teachers and parents together on a child's education progress. And second, we think the progression of curriculum/new games opening up for each individual child based on their individual skill level is incredibly powerful. Children who are more advanced can be challenged with advanced curriculum while another child might have difficulties in a skill area and can be challenged accordingly. It's truly a customized learning experience for each child both for their skill level and the child's learning pace.  Their development roadmap is based on curriculum, they started out with foundational skills for preschoolers such as shapes, colors, and memory. The app now covers kindergarten & first grade skills that include phonics, numbers, tracing, counting and more. Agnitus is working on delivering additional advanced skills, like an advanced number line, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, skip counting, blending, spelling and more. While we admire the extensive amount of work that has been put into this app, we have to wonder if it wouldn't be better broken down into several apps. screen480x480screen480x480 PHONICS & ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS SKILLS 1. Letters Recognition 2. Recognizing Uppercase & Lowercase letters 3. Matching Uppercase & Lowercase letters 4. Tracing Uppercase & Lowercase letters 5. Consonant Sounds 6. Blending 7. Sounding out words 8. Sense of Spelling 9. Reading MATH SKILLS 1. Recognizing Numerals 2. Number Counting 3. Counting up to 20 4. Number Sequence 5. Counting Up & Down From 6. Tracing Numbers 7. Shape & Number Sorting 8. Multistep Object Based Math 9. Object Based Addition 10. Object Based Subtraction 11. Object Based Multiplication 12. Object Based Division 13. Concept of Zero FOUNDATIONAL SKILLS 1. Color Recognition 2. 2-D Shape Recognition 3. Memory & Recall 4. Shape Building 5. Visual Scanning 6. Drawing Shapes MEASUREMENT 1. Size Comparison 2. Sense of Space 3. Sense of Balance 4. Sense Of Quantity We believe that children are naturally creative and learn through play by seeing, touching, hearing, and doing. It is our mission to support their curiosity with tools and games that provide rich sources of tangible activity that help them to build fundamental learning skills for their future success.  
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  1. […] Agnitus – Personal Learning Program by Agnitus is a curriculum based learning program for iPad/tablets.  […]

  2. sadaf

    tell me the correct age group of children who will be benefited from this app

  3. […] Agnitus – Personal Learning Program, by Agnitus, is the ultimate comprehensive app for youngsters. This personalized program just keeps getting better and better with each update.  […]