American Revolution by KIDS DISCOVER

american_revolution-220x220admin-aja175American Revolution by KIDS DISCOVER is another feather in the cap for this esteemed company! This app, as with all the other Kids Discover apps, includes audio, photographs, diagrams, activities, simulated scenes, maps, resources and links to other websites. It also covers all the bases from Washington's Crossing to Equality and how the Revolution eventually led to the end of slavery and the beginnings of an equal society for all Americans. The concise index serves as a starting point and helps the user navigate the app while perusing this in-depth historical overview. The main battles and key leaders of the American Revolution, for kids, are the focus of this stirring issue, which starts off with a look at the strained relationship between the colonies and Britain at the end of the French and Indian War in 1763. The Crown thought the colonies should pay Britain’s war debts, and instituted the famous Tea Tax, among others, but the colonists railed against “taxation without representation”- and a series of dramatic incidents, like the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party, resulted in both sides formally taking up arms in 1775. A two-page timeline of the American Revolution, for kids, traces the war from this beginning through to the surrender of Cornwallis and the signing of the peace treaty in Paris in 1781. imgres-7imgres-6Teachers With Apps worked with a variety of students who were beginning the study of the Revolutionary War, and the app served as an introduction. For other students, it was a grand tool for assessing what students had previously learned and served as the perfect platform for review. The app is broken down into 11 different categories, including a quiz and a list of outside resources. Students always seem to enjoy the 3D photographs. This time they find out all the different parts of a Flintlock musket and how it operates. Other activities within this section called A soldier’s Life, include video reenactments, information about the women and their role in the war, and a comparison of the Continental soldier and the British soldier’s uniform. The portrait gallery gives information about some of the most important figures in the American Revolution by tapping on each individual painting. Other chapters include interactive features and are chock full of important information summarizing this amazing time in American history. Watch out though, it’s just as easy to get lost reading such compelling details about this fascinating time period as in other Kids Discover’s apps.   logo-1
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  1. […] “ American Revolution by KIDS DISCOVER is another feather in the cap for this esteemed company!”  […]

  2. […] American Revolution by KIDS DISCOVER is another feather in the cap for this esteemed company!  […]