Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island by Cognitive Kid

admin-aja175imgres-1Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island, by Cognitive Kid, makes you feel like every day should be Earth Day! We were lucky enough to get in on Little Green Island early on with beta testing and had an amazing experience with this brilliant app.  Our students didn't want the school year to end! This app has a very different feel than any of Cognitive Kid’s other endeavors. Little Green Island is the epitome of the much-touted gamification approach for educational purposes, with a strong focus on the necessity to take better care of our precious Earth. Little Green Island puts the students/kids in the driver's seat right from theLGI start. The Mission: Save their very own island from the nasty, unrelenting pollutants that are invading their territory. Games with a purpose inspire children to involve themselves wholeheartedly and they become vested in the outcome. Cognitive Kid’s LGI has set up a totally educational curriculum and formatted it into a game that doesn’t run all too different than Minecraft, or Need for Speed. ◆ CREATE: Your own Green utopia: plant 50+ trees, landscape accents, and environment savers ◆ PLAY: 18 unique game levels, which combine fun, creativity & problem-solving. Complete missions to unlock rewards. Clear trash, plant, water, move, sell trees, catch the coal plants dumping pollutants, clean and free birds stuck in oil, earn GreenBucks to buy your rewards (NO in-app purchases). ◆ EXPERIENCE How changes around your island result in an increase in pollution (forest fire, air pollution from coal plants and vehicles, pesticides seeping into water, methane from cows, oil spill off the coast, acid rain, hole in the ozone Learn by Doing - Oil Spill Fix it ◆ SOLVE: Fix or mitigate environmental challenges: √ Replace chemical pesticides on the farm with good bugs √ Reduce carbon footprint – add solar panels and windmills √ Buy a skimmer to clean up an oil spill √ Clean the birds covered in oil, √ Add a bike path and public transportation to reduce vehicle pollution √ Plant fast-growing miscanthus grass that can be used to make alternative fuels … And much more… ◆ LEARN Through Multiple ways √ Create, experience, fix, see, hear (dialog & songs), and read (Clairvision Deeper Dive fully supported by audio) √ How changes outside your island still impact you as neighboring islands, Folksville and Smokey Island evolve and change over 18 game levels √ From 9 fun little songs that explain pollutants] √ Make real-world connections: E.g., Oil Spill off Green Island – Exxon Valdez; Sign the 3 Island Protocol to stop using ozone products – Montreal Protocol Cognitive Kid has been in the forefront of app development from the beginning with Ansel and Clair leading the way. Teachers With Apps recently honored this company with the Certified Developer badge of approval. Their apps are state of the art; always on the cutting-edge and Little Green Island is the latest feather in their cap! Cognitive Kid's apps remain a mainstay in and out of the classroom, as they delight, educate, and engage kids in deeper learning through exploration and problem-solving. This app deserves to be on every kid's iPad!  
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