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admin-aja175mzl.trcewgmlHave you ever heard yourself wish out loud that there were an articulation and phonological app that would allow you to set up a play for multiple users addressing a variety of sound targets?  Well, if you did, the folks at Smarty Ears heard you and created: Articulate it!  I recently had an opportunity to review this app, which was originally released over three years ago.  It was updated this April and now has some great, new features that I am excited to share! For starters, you can save yourself some time and upload existing SmartyMain Pic Ears profiles via the Therapy Report Center.  Otherwise, it's quick and easy to add new players or go straight to quick play if you do not need to collect data.  There are four play choices to choose from: phonemes, phonological processes, the manner of articulation, and the number of syllables.  You can select up to six players and each could be working on any of the above areas!  Plus, it stores your information, so the next time you play, the app will ask if you would like to work on the same targets again! new phrase level imageAnother fine feature is the recently added "phrase" level.  I love having a phrase level option since most kids need this transition before sentence level practice.  If you find that you need to move to the phrase level from the word, or advance from phrase to sentence, you simply hit a button during play instead of having to reset the whole segment from the beginning.  Finally, I was impressed with the data collection and report summary.  It really makes a busy SLP's life easier when you have an app collecting and tracking such detailed data for you! quick playHere's what the developers have to say about Articulate It!: Articulate it! is an application designed by a certified speech-language pathologist for the iPhone and the iPad to help children practice their pronunciation skills.  This app was designed to allow speech therapists and parents to work towards improving the speech of children with speech delays. Articulate it! contains over one thousand images in all sounds of the English language at the word and phrase level.   Articulate it! includes all the phonemes as well as the /r/ , /s/, and / l / clusters as a separate option to choose from during practice.
    • Audio recordings for every word present on this app! The child can practice saying each sound on their own by repeating the voice on the app;
    • Ability to track multiple children at the same time with separate goals;
    • Ability to group sounds by manner of articulation or phonological processes;
    •  Built-in voice recording allows the children to compare their productions with the audio recording;
    • Extremely specific results screens- give you percentage based on phonemes/ position in the words/ which words were missed and more…
    • Note taking capability: allows SLPs and parents to take notes during practice.
    • Amazing images.
    •  Allows you to skip images you don’t want to practice.
  About the Author NanetteCote_HeadshotNanette Cote, MA, CCC-SLP has her own speech-language practice, Therapediatrics. She is a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist in Naperville, Illinois who was has been practicing Speech Pathology for close to two decades. Her blog, speech2me, was named one of the top Speech-Language blogs for 2012. For more information about this practitioner, please visit speech2me Blog or Facebook
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