Avokiddo ABC Ride – Avokiddo has done it again!

Teachers With Apps loves Avokiddo ABC Ride so much, we all wanted to review it! Here is another take on this wonderful app by our favorite OT, Jo Booth. Enjoy! icon175pxAvokiddo has done it again, with ABC Ride. Learning letters, sight words, and problem-solving skills are literally set in motion, as you take Beck and Bo, (characters from Avokiddo’s build and play app of the same name) on a bike ride through the letters of the alphabet and interact with activities associated with each letter. You may remember the first REVIEW, it started out by saying: The App opens with Beck and Bo in a stunning landscape and you are invited to join them in an amazing adventure in alliteration, exploring letters A – Z. Children need to listen to the clues and solve the mystery of where each letter is hidden, with a delightful and different scenario for each letter. 1st6Gameplay begins with choosing Beck or Bo to ride the bike. I love how the child controls the speed of the bike, and it is interesting to see how they handle getting from one place to another. The fact that the student controls the bike from left to right using their finger or a stylus to guide you is simply genius. This gives you insight into how the student visually tracks, crosses the midline and alerts you to any potential future difficulties in learning to read. It also sets the tone of habitually moving from left to right visually. On the road, you encounter all sorts of zany characters and word activities along the way. Each activity is associated with a particular letter and thereby helps to reinforce retention of the letter, sound or sight word. One of my favorite activities is Cramming the Candy into Cavernous Clyde the hippopo2ndtamus. Here you can see what Clyde has his eye on….that beautiful raspberry donut hole! Match up what he wants and feed it to him, and he may just give up the “C” for you to spell with! Once done, it’s back on the bike for another adventure. Every child and/or adult to tell you the truth has loved this app. It has just the right blend of challenges and sheer silliness to keep you motivated to play. It helps kids make that leap from letters to words - this game is not just educational, but a tremendous reinforcer in and of itself. 4thThe settings and thoughtfulness of this app are astounding. Avokiddo has really upped the bar for having an app grow with your child and their emerging capabilities. As you can see in the picture on the left, you can choose between upper and lower cases, letter name or phonics, and to play with spelling the sight words – in either having them in sequential order or with a random presentation. The narration is outstanding, and the music is upbeat and inviting.


• Teaches letter recognition by name and/or phonetic sound • Promotes problem-solving skills with the various alphabet activities • Facilitates visually targeting and scanning in a left to right format as a precursor to reading • Provides a link or bridge from letter recognition to learning words • Practices spelling and recognizing beginning sight words • And it is F.U.N. which is what we want learning to be all about

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