Avokiddo ABC Ride

246x0w Avokiddo ABC Ride, by Avokiddo, opens with Beck and Bo in a stunning landscape and you are invited to join them in an amazing adventure in alliteration, exploring letters A – Z. Children need to listen to the clues and solve the mystery of where each letter is hidden, with a delightful and different scenario for each letter. Either character, Beck or Bo, can ride the bike through the gorgeous terrain. Each scene is filled with fabulous surprises, all done in the gorgeous collage style Avokiddo is so well known for. As kids proceed they will need to bop big balloons, help Dottie with her dirty diaper, jump and jiggle on the jelly and recreate red robots. The alliteration is more than jaunty and fun, it is exposing small children to a rich vocabulary and lends itself to discussions between child and adult. The challenge of finding the hidden letters brings a challenge and the delight of how and where each letter is secreted away keeps kids engaged while learning. That is not all though - after finding the letter, the word is spelled out to represent each object and then falls to the ground and needs to be placed back in its appropriate position shown as an outline.
The creative letter/word associations that are applied through child exploration and amusing interactions are all directly and clearly related to each letter. The free ride style in a seamless environment provides a unified visual/auditory experience that builds excitement and anticipation as to what comes next.  FIRSTWhat could be better than exposing youngsters to the letters of the alphabet and love of the language in a beautiful environment? Not much. Avokiddo’s ABC Ride is a stand out in the saturated app marketplace and should prove to be a classic among ABC books. There is a parent section that gives options such as upper or lower case letters, shuffle letters, turns on and off letter name and more. What are you waiting for, RUN or JUMP over to the app store and get this first class app on your device today!

Basic Features:

• 26 interactive scenes each associated with a word and a letter • Play and problem solve in each scene to reveal the hidden letter • Spell the words while listening to the letters’ names or phonetic sounds • Lowercase & uppercase letters • Original narration with inventive alliteration • Bike through the alphabet seamlessly from letter to letter, or opt out and choose your own path • Have fun with the quirky animals and hilarious encounters • Collect stars while riding from one scene to the next • Beautiful HD graphics inviting kids to explore and discover • Multi-touch support • No In-App Purchases – No banner ads Read the review of the first Beck and Bo app by TWA HERE
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  1. […] Avokiddo ABC Ride, by Avokiddo, opens with Beck and Bo in a stunning landscape and you are invited to join them in an amazing adventure in alliteration, exploring letters A – Z.  […]