Axel Scheffler’s Flip Flap Safari

mzl.ozyrmzxuadmin-aja175The Axel Scheffler’s Flip Flap Safari, by Nosy Crow, is an adjective adventure filled with fun text and superb vibrant graphics. What do you get when you cross a zebra with an antelope? Why, a zebelope, of course! What about a buffalo with a flamingo? Well, that would be a buffingo, naturally! This app features eleven poems and animal artwork from Axel Scheffler, the UK’s best-selling illustrator. With 121 possible combinations, silly names and animal noises to make you giggle, this hilarious rhyming app is perfect for pre-schoolers. Swipe any part of the screen to create new animals and hear the poem read aloud, with original sound effects, safari music, and text highlighting. 1st This easy to use app will keep users engaged while creating safari creatures with just a slide of the finger. Eleven animals that can be mixed and matched to create 121 possible combinations of crazy safari creatures and their names! 2nd The text will introduce tons of adjectives, nouns, and verbs. There is a read myself option or option to have it read aloud. Excellent all around, bravo Nosy Crow! 3rd Check out Flip Flap Farm too! It’s just as much fun! 4th   About the Author -1Jackie Bryla is a school based SLPA in California. Her experience includes working with transitional kindergarten through high school age students as well as the functional skills population in the public schools. She regularly presents iPad Training for California State University Sacramento, American River College, and San Joaquin Delta College speech and language programs. Jackie is also the founder of act – Apps, Consulting, and Training. She is an app beta tester for educational app developers. Jackie is a board member for the California Speech Language Hearing Association (CSHA) and is an active CSHA District 2 Advisory Committee member in the Sacramento area. Jackie received the outstanding SLPA for CSHA in 2012.
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