Big Baby

admin-aja175imgresBig Baby, by Big Ice Cream Pty Ltd, has passed the toddler+ test with flying colors! This absolutely adorable app gives your child the opportunity to take care of their own baby. There are four very responsive babies to choose from, tons of fun, and lots of loving and tickles to go around. The babies react when you touch their toes, hands, and head. Pull out the bottle, and the baby cries. Food preferences? They know what they like and don't like, you'll see! Put the dirty diaper ( the result of eating some food) back on the baby and watch their reaction. Touch the babies' toes twice, and see what happens. Big Baby comes with loads of giggles, soothing music throughout, and the occasional need for a blankie and nap. We thought it was darling, but would the kids?Big Baby An emphatic, “Yes” to that! We watched them return again and again, staying and playing for long periods of time. The little testers we worked with loved changing the cute as pie outfits and dirty diapers, preparing for feeding and of course, the tickling. One little girl has asked to play Big Baby every day since it was downloaded onto her iPad! The play is a basically endless exploration in any order that the user chooses. Simple, sweet, sincere, and sensational in the kids' eyes, as well as ours! Perfect for the new big brother or sister or for the expectant mother to give to their child. This app exposes young children to the nature of care giving and the vitally important role of nurturing. Big Ice Cream make digital toys to delight and entertain children. Our objective is to provide 3-6 year old children with safe, age appropriate play-tested content. Big Ice Cream applications are designed to support early learning and encourage imagination both on and off devices.  


The developers of Big Baby informed us that they are two mothers, who left the corporate world to set up our their own business, with the express aim of creating quality content for children. They want to portray a strong educational emphasis and encourage great values. Teachers With Apps feels they have succeeded brilliantly in their mission!  They also noted, "That is not every developer's aim!! " We agree and wanted to promote this wonderful concept. They also wrote, "The ability to empathize with others is often not high on our “readiness for school” criteria.  As parents, we are often far more focused on whether they can count to 20, or can write their own name. The majority of apps for children are targeted at these outcomes. We often worry that our children need to 'get ahead’ before school, and be able to meet these criteria." We also love that Big Baby is void of in-app purchasing and advertising and it has safe content aligned with COPPA.
PS: The developers just did an update for Christmas that includes following features:
- a Christmas gift: a toy Jack-in-the-box with 3 surprises inside - new Christmas suits - Christmas food to feed the babies
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